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Watch this kid GET IT at the Pistons game!
This kid absolutely KILLED it in his big chance on the dance cam at the Pistons/Knicks game! Watch as he challenges the dancing usher, and ends up STEALING THE SHOW!!

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People: GET IT

Have you seen KMart's crazy new Joe Boxer ad?
Is this really that controversial? Some people think it is. I think it's just silly and fun. What do YOU think?

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Did you see this idiot at the Bills game?
Some idiot was trying to slide down the railing from the upper section at the Bills game on Sunday. Too bad gravity won, and he fell into the section below. He injured his shoulder, while the guy he landed on suffered a HEAD injury! IDIOT!

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Watching this man dance will change your life!
Check out this guy as he entertains the entire crowd at a recent Boston Celtics game! This guy must love Bon Jovi more than anybody else on planet Earth.

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This fake documentary about Space Jam is awesome!
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Mastectomy dance party?

A San Francisco doctor brought a moment of levity to the day of her own breast cancer operation - by organizing a flash mob dance party just before her double mastectomy.

Deborah Cohan envisioned the moment as a way to gather the support of her family and friends.

"I want to dance with my community - flash mob style - in the hallway of my Mt. Zion hospital room," Cohan wrote to followers on her CaringBridge page October 28. "Maybe even get some other patients out of their beds to dance with us."

"Dance is my medicine," she added.

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