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Have you seen the flying grim reaper video?
Some guy transformed his remote control helicopter into a kick-ass flying grim reaper and scared the poop out of EVERYBODY!! Check it out!

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Selena Gomez breaks down and LOSES it on stage!
Selena Gomez was flooded with emotion during her Brooklyn concert this week when she performed her song about Justin Bieber, "Love Will Remember." During the ballad, she got a little teary-eyed, breaking down half way through. "Everyone in this room, I have those bad days," she told fans. "And I understand when you guys just don't feel like it's enough and you just want to get back to when you were a kid again, and it was so simple, and just one thing that you want." She later claimed the tears weren't for Biebs, to her Instagram after the show to explain, writing alongside a photo of her cry-face: "Never ended such a beautiful show in tears because they wouldn't allow me to Instagram tonight. Completely heart broken and pissed. Thank you SO much Brooklyn. Ill be stopping outside Letterman tomorrow to make it up to you if you can make it. I love you guys more than you know. Promise."

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This is better than a dirty movie!!
Watch this couple in the upstairs bedroom, who don't realize their romantic rendezvous is actually entertainment for the party going on out in the front yard...until she finally notices!

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Mighty Wings? Or Mighty Poop?
Even though you can get chicken wings from any family restaurant or sports bar (or buy them at the supermarket at make some yourself), McDonald’s sure has invested a lot of money into advertising and marketing its Mighty Wings. But whoever thought that this sculptural representation of the fast food product looked at all appetizing should really consider a new line of work!

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