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THIS is the SCARIEST office prank I have EVER seen!
OMG!! This is so scary I would probably poop my pants and scream like an 8-year old girl if it happened to me!

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Road Rage Revenge!
OMG watch what this guy does to a driver who is on a cell phone and cuts him off! I think it's safe to say he got his revenge!!

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Turn your Google Chrome into RYAN GOSLING CHROME!!

Hey girl, does the Internet ever get you down? Well, there's a solution! We know you still have a major crush on Ryan Gosling, and you still want him to write you letters and kiss you in the rain. He's never going to do that, but now there's a Google Chrome extension that can help you deal with most of your other problems!

Thanks to Web developer Katherine Champagne, you can now turn almost every website into ... or at least, the photos of other things will become photos of Ryan Gosling. 

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