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First there was "Lincoln", here's what's next...

1. Steven Speilberg is a genius.
2. That Daniel Day Lewis guy is GOOD.

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Boston Red Sox game: illegal use of hands?
Listen to the announcers at the Boston Red Sox game who COMPLETELY LOSE IT after witnessing one couple get a little "frisky" in the stands at Fenway...

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NEW OFFICIAL THOR trailer! Looks good!!
Here is the UK trailer for Thor: The Dark World. I believe this preview will run before Iron Man 3 in U.S. theaters. Check it out HERE first!!
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National Anthem at the first Boston Bruins game after the bombings
This is just awesome. Look at this Boston crowd celebrate their city, and honor America by ROCKING this anthem!!
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COMING OUT JUNE 14, 2013!!!
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If you watch Breaking Bad, you'll get this joke...
This Sunday the Simpsons opening "couch gag" will pay tribute to the show "Breaking Bad", now in its final season. Check it out!
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Skrillex VS Mozart?? WTF??
It's another EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY!!! This time it's Skrillex VS Mozart...BEGIN!!
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Why don't I ever remember seeing this commercial??
With all the talk over Beyonce's new Pepsi ad, you may not know that back in 2004, Beyonce, Pink, and Britney Spears made this AWESOME commercial that runs about 3 mins long. BTW that is a special cameo by Enrique Iglesias as "the emperor"...

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The Zoo gets DOWN in the studio!
Here's how Tricia dances everytime we play the music from the song "We No Speak Americano"...
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