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The new Wolverine trailer!
After watching this, I was still a little bit "hmm..." about watching it. I wasn't exactly as THRILLED to see this one, but what do YOU think?
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Best sounds of the NFL Season
Ever wonder what those players are saying to each other?? Well it's more interesting than you think (in some cases):
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How to make a Beyonce song in the studio
Look, we ALL think the song sucks, but I thought this video of producer Hit Boy making Beyonce's latest "Bow Down" was pretty cool. I always enjoy a peek into the song creation process.

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Watch this it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE
Why am I SO DAMN LATE TO THIS PARTY??? Have you seen the "Guy on a Buffalo" videos?? AWESOME. COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY AWESOME. Here's episode 1:

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Fallon and Timberlake do it AGAIN!!
You just KNEW they weren't going through an entire WEEK of Justin co-hosting without doing this right...?

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How cool! It's a map of America that shows where all your favorite TV shows take

Can you name two TV shows that were set in Seattle?  How about "Frasier" and "Grey's Anatomy"?

--Can you name three shows that took place in Detroit?  Those could be "Home Improvement""8 Simple Rules" and "Freaks & Geeks".


--Can you think of a show that was set in Dallas . . . besides "Dallas"?  How about "Walker, Texas Ranger"?


--If you aren't an all-star at this kind of bar-trivia, there's good news:  Someone has put together a map of the U.S., with a list of what TV shows were set where, and it's pretty comprehensive. 

Check it out here:

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Ladies, would THIS WORK on you?
I'm curious. Some of the women in this clip find this creepy and stalker-ish (not a word). But there are others who give the guy credit, saying things like, "Interesting approach!" or "well that's clever!" How would YOU feel? Violated, flattered, or both?
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The World BaseBRAWL Classic!
Did you happen to catch Mexico and Canada GET INTO IT over the weekend!! This is crazy! It's like if your UPSTAIRS and DOWNSTAIRS neighbors started fighting with each other!!

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Hangover 3 Trailer is here!!
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You have a GORGEOUS philtrum!
Be honest, you never knew these things had names, DID YOU?
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