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- Tina Fey has signed a four-year deal with Universal Television.

- L Word creator Ilene Chaiken has sold a pilot to CBS.

- Edward Norton, Jonah Hill and others are playing Words with Friends in a charity tournament.

- Wonder Woman appears on Ms. magazine's 40th anniversary cover.

- J.K. Rowling says her next book will probably be for children.

- Remember the Snorks? They're coming to DVD.

- Check out Lost's Evangeline Lilly in The Hobbit.

- Stream Tori Amos' new record.

- Neil Patrick Harris is writing a memoir.

- And finally ... Pac-Man body piercings.

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Emmy's/Top 100 songs/Cartoons!

- Here's an Emmys recap, in case you missed that never-ending telecast.

- Billie Joe Armstrong checked into rehab after having a "meltdown" onstage.

- New York magazine interviews Bill Murray.

- Matthew Broderick will guest star on Modern Family.

- Consequence of Sound counts down the top 100 songs of all time.

- Aziz Ansari did a Reddit AMA.

- A crew member died on the set of the Lone Ranger remake last week.

- Check out Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Jim Carrey on the set of Kick-Ass 2.

- The Full House cast (minus the Olsen twins) reunited for the show's 25th anniversary.

- The season premiere of Raising Hope is on Hulu before it airs.

- Tig Notaro will release a comedy set on Louis C.K.'s website.

- HBO's Treme has been renewed for a fourth and final season.

- The Jetsons is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

- Check out some 'toons from the new Cartoon Issue of the New Yorker.

- So James Franco also makes music ...

- See what Morrissey wrote about The Ramones in 1976. (Hint: It's not positive.)

- And finally, what soothes babies? The Star Wars theme, of course.

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Greatest shark films, and a sequel to The Shining!!?

- What are the 10 best indie rock documentaries?

- Fans of MTV's Sifl and Olly will want to check out the new episodes.

- Elizabeth Mitchell talks about Revolution and the Lost finale.

- Watch a trailer for Arnold Schwarzenegger's memoir.

- Parker Posey appears in this video about how to deliver the perfect Emmy speech.

- Watch a trailer for a new movie starring Penn Badgley as Jeff Buckley.

- Stephen King is working on a sequel to The Shining that will be out next year.

- Claire Danes talks to NPR about playing a bipolar character on Homeland.

- James Gunn will direct Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy.

- Joss Whedon talks about the benefits of a creative recharge.

- James Brolin is coming to Community.

- FX has renewed W. Kamau Bell's show.

- Paul F. Tompkins appears in Nick Lowe's new music video.

- Here's a new featurette about Frankenweenie, which I'd like to see.

- And finally, here's a list of the greatest shark films.

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Monday Sept. 17

- Game of Thrones won a bunch of creative arts Emmys; here's the full list.

- New York profiles Mindy Kaling.

- The L.A. Times has a story about Homeland's new season.

- NPR profiles "The Most Interesting Man in the World."

 - The theatrical run of Raiders of the Lost Arkhas been extended.

- See which cartoonists won Ignatz Awards, handed out at last weekend's Small Press Expo.

- San Francisco's historic Purple Onion club is closing.

- Rob Reiner and Jamie Lee Curtis are coming to New Girl.

- Will Ferrell and Adam McKay will produce an NBC sitcom.

- What are the best metal albums of the year?

- The CW has shared images from Arrow.

- Yep, it's an R2-D2 bra.

- And finally, "The 15 Best Monkeys in Pop Culture."

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Jay Pharoah as President Obama
The news broke yesterday that Chesapeake's own Jay Pharaoh will be the SNL cast member who will be portraying President Obama this season on the show. Many of you wondered if he can DO a good "Obama". Here's a video from back in 2009 when Jay was still opening at the Virginia Beach Funny Bone. It's his Barack Obama impression. Whaddya think?
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Wednesday 9/12

- Check out a pic of Alan Rickman and Jane Fonda as the Reagans.

- The L.A. Times profiles Aziz Ansari.

- True Blood's Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer have welcomed twins.

- The CW has released a new preview for its series Arrow.

- Rob Lowe talks about his character's use of "literally" on Parks and Rec.

- The unauthorized Inspector Spacetime web series has arrived.

- Check out the Wuthering Heights trailer.

- Ann and Nancy Wilson are publishing a Heart memoir.

- Frank Ocean is bringing John Mayer to SNL.

- And finally, what are the best new bands of 2012?

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Tuesday, 9/11

- And the Star Trek sequel's title is ... Into Darkness.

- Saturday Night Live has officially added three new cast members.

- ABC plans to air recap specials of Revenge and Once Upon a Time before their season premieres.

- Netflix has added Revenge and Once Upon a Time to its Instant streaming.

- Raiders of the Lost Ark is the only movie that did well in theaters last weekend.

- Watch 10 minutes of deleted footage from Prometheus.

- ABC has posted the pilot of its new series Last Resort.

- An Emily Dickinson biopic is in the works.

- Why is there a countdown on Led Zeppelin's Facebook page?

- What are the 25 greatest gay documentaries?

- Watch the full trailer for HBO's Alfred Hitchcock biopic.

- And finally, the cast of New Girl meets Regis.

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Monday 9/10

- Saturday Night Live is reportedly adding two cast members.

- R.E.M. is protesting Fox News' use of its music.

- Last weekend's box office revenue was the lowest it has been in years.

- Author Zadie Smith profiles Jay-Z for TheNew York Times.

- Cobie Smulders and SNL's Taran Killam got married.

- Macaulay Culkin is exhibiting his paintings.

- The G4 network is being rebranded.

- David Lynch and his wife have welcomed a baby girl.

- Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds got married.

- Clint Eastwood talks about his RNC speech.

- Alfonso Ribeiro is the victim of the Internet's latest death hoax.

- Paste attempts to rank the 25 best episodes of Seinfeld.

- "10 Things You Probably Didn't Know about Star Trek."

- Check out Klingon Monopoly.

- Oreo has introduced a seasonal flavor: candy corn.

- And finally, here's a supercut that includes clips from all Criterion releases.

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Nicki Minaj is voting for Mitt Romney!
Did you hear this yet? It's from Lil Wayne's new mixtape, just released over the weekend! Check out who Nicki Minaj claims she's voting for in a couple months:

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