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The most adorable thing you will see this year!
After watching this, I'm SO ready to have kids...

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World's Greatest Drag Race part 2!
I LOVE THIS! If you're a car fan, you will too. Ever wonder what car would take it in a race between some of the fastest models in the world? Check this out!! P.S. I correctly predicted the winner before the race even started. See if YOU can too!

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My Worst Nightmare!
WARNING: YOU HAVE TO HAVE A TWISTED SENSE OF HUMOR TO ENJOY THIS. Also, the word for boobs that begins with "T" is featured throughout the clip. So if that's not okay with you, don't watch...

For the rest of you, be VERY AFRAID!

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WATCH THIS! The realest rapper out there...
I couldn't believe how DOPE this guy is! He almost reminds me of an earlier Slim Shady! If you've never heard this yet, check it out!!
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