I was 14 years old when i first got the chance to meet Dj Law. He came to haygood skating center to host a party becuz Shadows nightclub was closed for painting. I was super nervous when him and Big B walked in because I use to listen to them everyday in the afternoon. He came up to the stage grabbed the mic and was the coolest. He gave me some exclusive promo cd's and I remember going to Independence Middle School the next day and showing everyone in school. Fast forward to 2010, Law was my mentor in radio, music, and business. There was never a time when I would ask Law a question he wouldn't help me or give me true advice. He came to my music expo and was so impressed he told me backstage that he would be there for every single one if I needed em and I laughed saying "I need ya for the planning and the event". We bounced music off each other and would talk about music for awhile. When I get the news on sunday I was in LA working with a local pop/rock group named Rekapse and Timbaland and all I could think about was flying home to be with my family. It's not sitting well with me because Law wasn't just a Local Radio DJ, Law was the nicest, down to earth and most well rounded individual I've ever met. I've been in this business almost 11 years and to think I got more years to come without my friend Law beside me is something that will just take some time. My thoughts and prayers go to his family, Big B, Pavar and all the staff at WOWI and Clear Channel. Another quick story was when I got the Timbaland and Magoo cd and the Boodah Brothers had a interlude on it I remember calling all my friends and showing em because I thought it was so cool local dj's got on a national cd. That was in 1997. so dope right? I agree I will miss you DJ Law but I promise your name wont be forgotten. Feb 26, 27 is the next music expo and its dedicated to you and your family. Peace Shag (aka cool hip hop surfer-everytime I called him thats how he would answer the phone)

09/22/2010 7:36AM
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09/22/2010 7:50AM
Wow, Shaggy what a nice blog. Thanks I met him back in 1988 in Newport News. Definitely a nice down to earth person. I'm glad I got the chance to hang out with him and Big BEe. My prayers go out the family. WE LOVE YOU LAW.
09/24/2010 8:51PM
It's crazy because I grew up on the boodah brothers. This saddens me and the whole 7575 is feeling this. Dj Law will be missed.. Keep your head up Shaggy!
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