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Guys doing their girlfriends' makeup!
A for effort...F for the final looks! I would never trust my husband, Joe to do my make up! I am sure I would end up looking like a crazy clown!!

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These pups are MYSTIFIED!
These poor dogs are so confused by Magic...yes, Magic! Check out their reactions. Super cute and funny!

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Another super talented individual...
Decided to sing Avicii, Wake Me Up...acapella & sound effects with his mouth, ONLY! Check it out!

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Wow!!! This guys sings Dark Horse as 20 other artists!

This guys is incredibly talented! He decided to sing Katy Perry, Dark Horse as 20 other famous artists!!! What did you think of his video?
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Grab a box of tissues...
Boston bombing victim, Adrienne Haslet-Davis returns to dance...check out the inspiring & moving!!!

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This 3-year-old would make a GREAT lawyer!
In the end...I would have given him a cupcake too! This video is just too awesome not to share! "Linda, honey...listen!"

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Anchor quits LIVE on Air!
Kudos to her for standing up for what she believes in!

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This is crazy...but I'm your baby!
A soldier on deployment meets his little bundle of joy for the first time! Seriously, hats off to the men & women who serve our country!

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