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As September is coming to a close...
I wanted to share something that has been placed on my heart. I feel the need to bring awareness to Childhood Cancer. Did you know that the month of September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month? Yep, it sure is...and their ribbon is GOLD! Here are some simple statistics and facts about Childhood Cancer:

- 7 kids a day will pass away from cancer

- 46 kids a day will be diagnosed with cancer

- The National Cancer Institute gives LESS than 3% towards funding of Childhood Cancer research

- Among those that do survive, most will suffer significant and chronic medical problems, including increased likelihood for secondary cancer as a result of receiving toxic treatments at such an early age. 

-In the past 20 years ONLY ONE new cancer drug has been approved for pediatric cancer. Yet, the incidence of invasive pediatric cancers is up 29 percent in those same 20 years

-Pediatric cancer is the number one cause of death by disease among children, claiming the lives of more children each year than AIDS, asthma, cystic fibrosis and diabetes combined.

Staggering statistics...aren't they? These babies deserve a voice and to be fought for. They are our future. They are some of the most ultimate warriors. 

If you'd like more information or find ways to help, here are some organizations that I stand behind:

Did you know that everytime you purchase a Hyundai, they donate money towards Childhood Cancer research...pretty amazing right!? So maybe next September you will go GOLD! I am hoping to put together a fundraiser in the future and will keep you posted when it comes together! Sorry that this post is a little's just something I am incredibly passionate about! 

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Annnnnd....I'M BACK! Took a little vacation to visit my parents in Northern Virginia (they live 30 minutes outside of D.C.) so that they could spend some quality time with my little dudes. Boy did we have a busy week! Zoo, farm, water park, museum, pool, mall...WHEW! The boys had such a great time & had so many new experiences! To top it off...Roman, my 1-year-old just started WALKING! Here are some pics of some of our adventures! 

My little Ro Baby "driving" the tractor! 

Joseph giggling every time a pink would snort! 

The boys goofing off & having fun together at dinner! 

Joseph LOVED the "BIG PANES!"

Roman happy to be home even though we had fun on vacation! 

Joseph got a "big boy" hair cut while we were visiting my parents. He looks like a little man & it makes this Mama SAD! *Sigh* He will always be my baby! 

PS: Never let your 2-year-old hold your iPhone (yep, not smart am I!?) He completely reconfigured it somehow & wiped it TOTALLY clean. Hard lesson learned!! 
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