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Who knew balloons were so much fun!?
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Happy Monday!
Hope you had a great weekend...those weekends go by WAY too fast. Blah, right?

For my ladies out there that are on the prowl for the forever's some stuff that might interest you!

 What the opposite sex REALLY notices on a first HERE  

 5 types of men that make GREAT husbands! Check it OUT. 
(Love ya babe! You're on this list for sure!) 

If you go to school and you just plain HATE could be worse! You could have a CHIP embedded in your school uniform!! Click HERE! 

an announces divorce over the loud speaker at the mall...OUCH! 

This is probably the cutest and smartest pup out there!!! 

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Part of Me...
Here's Katy Perry's new music video to Part of Me...I honestly think it's pretty bad ass. Thoughts?

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A little bit of this & a little bit of that...
Since I am pregnant again I figured it was time to whip this list out...what NOT to say to a pregnant woman! As much as you want to tell me that I look like a butterball turkey or that I have twins in there- it's just not kosher. Check out the list HERE!

Here I am pregnant last summer...end of June and Baby J got here August 19th!

While we are on the subject of pregnancy...Morning sickness costs driver $ about it HERE! (I would have been LIVID!)

Heads up! Better be careful as to what you're putting on that Facebook page of yours...Employers are now asking for Facebook passwords before hiring you...YIKES!

While we are on the jobs subject...Nannies are making how much to do what!?!? Read all about it...HERE

No high heels behind the wheel...say what!? A ban on wearing high heels while driving...

Who needs dating website when you can just do this?! Some "Lonely Guy" posts flyers in NYC and gets 65,000 phone calls!

Anyway, have a great Hump Day! Just two more wake ups and the weekend is here...WAHOO!
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There is something in the water...
In case you missed the BIG announcement earlier this week- here it is!

 Joe and I are expecting our second bundle of joy!!! Baby darynok (Ukrainian for gift) is due August 30th. Yep- so that means my babies will be 12 months and 11 days apart. That is if baby Darynok doesn't decide to come earlier or later! I know...some of you may be thinking- CRAZZZZZYYY!! But sometimes surprises come in the form of from God. We are incredibly excited and we hope that Joseph has a close relationship with his new brother or sister in the future.

 I have an ultrasound next week (the 14th) and they claim they will be able to tell the sex of the baby even though I will only be 16 weeks pregnant. I guess we will see and I will keep you posted! For some reason I am thinking PINK! I could be wrong...and if I am- that's ok! If it's a boy we will be TOTALLY set! We already have all the clothes/toys we could possibly need! Anyway, I was excited to share our big news with our Z104 fam! xoxo!
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