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It's almost time...
For THANKSGIVING!!! Woot woot! Can't wait to take baby J home to my parents house. It will be his first visit to where I grew up! I know he's too young to understand--but it's still special to me! How cute is my little bunny!?!?

Here he is with his BFF Julian...Tricia babysat baby J for me the other night whileI got my hair did (she's a lifesaver! Thanks Trishy!!) They're too adorable! They look like they are holding hands.

Anyway, I've got SO much to pack since we're taking the dogs, the baby, Kylie...etc. Wish me luck!

This CRACKED ME UP! SNL has been on POINT recently with their skits! Kelly looks for Regis' HAVE to watch! (For some reason it wouldn't let me post the video...sorry!) Here's the link:

Have a good Monday! xoxo.

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4 years ago today...
My best friend and soulmate asked me to be his wife. When I said "Yes" it was the best decision I have ever made in my entire life. A wedding, a baby later...a little bit of chaos and craziness...ok, well let's be honest- a lot of chaos and craziness...I wouldn't have it any other way. I enjoy and cherish our crazy life together. He completes me. I'm so happy that our engagement got captured on camera...I love watching it on the anniversary!

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I'm slightly obsessed...
With this little man...

Look at that little smile/smirk! How could you not be?! He's going to be a lady killer when he gets out!

Hope you had a great Halloween...hopefully you made it out to Mansion! I didn't get to go on Halloween but Tricia and I checked it out on Friday night...AMAZING!!! If you haven't been-- you NEED to go! So fun and SO NICE! It's in P-town...and of course you can find more details about it on our website!

Our little guy was a fire figher for Halloween (like his daddy!) 

I can't WAIT to show him this picture when he gets older/starts going on dates. It's classic! He was SO mad when I put the hat on his head Halloween can see that little man was NOT having it!

I honestly couldn't help it but was too funny. Have a great Thursday! xoxo.
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