And I am glad to be back. Sad to leave my little nugget at home...but right now he's getting some quality time in with his Daddy! Anyway, meet baby Joseph!! I am soooo in love with my little dude. Here he is with Aunt Becky! I promise to keep his photos to a minimum. Hah! Yeah right! That's going to be way too hard with that cute little face.
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Happy Hump Day! My bump is getting ready...

to leave. will be a little while before my bump goes away entirely. I had a Dr's appointment again this morning and Baby Joseph is going to be here SOON. There is NO way I will make it to my due date. He is READY to be in this world. I'm really nervous/anxious/excited. I just need him to wait til the weekend. My little brother is graduating from the Fire Academy on Friday and I need to be there to witness it! I am so proud of him. He's so cute in his fire gear, right?! He would probably be mortified to know that I've posted these pictures! That's what big sisters are all about though! It's hard to believe that this is what baby J looked like at 16 weeks... I will have to take a picture tonight (I am 38 weeks today) but this is what he looked like at 35 weeks! I will try to post the 38 week picture before I POP! Tricia will be right behind me with her little guy. I just know it!
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I am going to the sneak preview of Crazy, Stupid, Love tonight! I can't wait to see it! I tried to post the video but for some luck! So here's the link: My favorite line from the trailer: "Take off your shirt. Seriously! It's like you're photo shopped!" Joe thinks it looks like a "chick flick" so he opted out of coming with me. Whatever! It looks great! But I could be biased because I am excited about looking at Ryan Gosling for 2 hours...hee hee! I'll let you know if the movie is good or not. Anyway, I have babies on the brain. Well, Baby Joseph to be specific. I am 37 weeks pregnant today...just THREE more weeks to go! 21 more days if he comes on time. That's INSANE! A few blogs back I posted some pictures from my Belly Bump photo shoot. Here are some more from Lauren Dunlap Photography. I love these pictures! More to come...
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Belly Bumps!!

I took some belly photos this past weekend...I still haven't gotten the whole gallery but here's a little sneak peek from the photographer! I will post some more as soon as I get them. I am glad I documented this incredibly special time in my life! It's amazing to see how much baby Joseph has grown over the last few months. It's hard to believe that I will be 36 weeks starting tomorrow! From the few pictures I've seen I am really happy how they turned out. This is has also been incredibly fun & special being pregnant as the same time as Tricia Delicia! Check us out at my baby shower on June 25th: And here we are on July 17th at her baby shower!! I think it's safe to say our bumps have grown quite a bit! I can't believe that we are 14 days apart! Who do you think will have the baby first? Tricia (who has been known to deliver early) or me?? I am starting to think (even though Joseph tried to come early twice...) that Tricia will deliver first! Either way...not too much longer--Julian Michael & Joseph Michael will soon be making their big debuts into the world!
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After being on bedrest for 4 feels great to be back! Luckily baby Joseph has decided to bake some more...and hopefully he will continue to do so! We got to have an ultrasound last week and he's almost 5lbs and looking great! Here he is yawning: And here's his sweet little face (I'm so in love with him already!!!) I am 34 weeks and 1 day pregnant as of today! YAY! If we can keep little Joseph relaxed until next week- then all of his major organs will be fully developed by then. Here's the BUMP-- Anyway, I'm happy to be back!
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Bed Rest...

I know I've been MIA for the last two weeks...and I will be MIA for at least two more weeks. I was put on bed rest because of my little dude! I went into preterm labor twice (once at 28 weeks and then again at 30 weeks) and after the second time the Dr. said I needed to stick close to home! I've been going a little stir crazy...reading a lot of books, watching TV & I've been incredibly blessed to have lots of wonderful friends who have stopped by the spend time with me, drop off reading material, sweet treats etc. To be honest it gets a little lonely at times and I miss being active...but I know the health of my little man is the biggest priority right now. I need him to grow, grow, grow! My Dr. just wants me to get to 34 weeks (which I will be 34 weeks on July 5th) and then she will feel comfortable with me going back to work. Sounds crazy but- I miss work! Fingers crossed I get the green light to go back at my next appointment. Anyway, just wanted to update you on what is going on. I will be sure to start posting more often! Again- thanks to all my friends who have been so supportive and incredibly wonderful during this time! I am so thankful for the phone calls, texts, visits and goodies!!!
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I REALLY want to see

Bridesmaids!!! Have you seen it yet? Jade (from Promotions) says it's HYSTERICAL and is the female version of the Hangover. Maybe I convince my husband to go see it with me?? Doubtful...but it's worth a shot! You can check out the trailer here: I am doing everything in my power right now to NOT eat this brownie. Unfortunately, I've already started nibbling on it and it is DARN good. Starbucks makes some AMAZING sweets. The jumbo chocolate chip cookies from there are to DIE for and this brownie is right up there in the ranks! I can't wait to get out of work & head HERE: I think we're meeting up with some friends at the Oceanfront & riding bikes. It is seriously THE perfect day for it! GORGEOUS!!! I think we're headed to Waterman's. I haven't been there in forever & I know they are famous for their "Orange Crushes". I wonder if they make virgin orange crushes for pregger people? Have a great weekend!
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27 Weeks, Day 2...

One more week & then I will be in my THIRD TRIMESTER! AHHHHH!!! 12 more weeks, 90 more days and Little Dude will be here (that is if he doesn't come early or show up late!) Here he is: I think we've decided on the name Joseph Michael. Joseph after my husband and Michael after his dad. Who knows. It could change depending on my mood next week- HA! But I am 99.7% sure that is his name! We've started working on the room. I am SO ready for it to come together. Talk about major nesting going on right now! Here are my inspirations: On a random note- I am a total glutton for punishment. I bought these shoes at Target (one of my favorite places) but they don't do my pregnant feet any justice-- Hello, Swelling! I swore I wouldn't wear them again...but I did so anyway...big. mistake. Have a great Wednesday! XOXO!
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This is what happens...

When you take men crib shopping! They find the recliners and relax. Must be nice! We did find out crib this weekend. Now we just have to wait 6 to 8 weeks until it gets here. I wish we hadn't waited so long to get the furniture! I'm almost in my third trimester- so crazy! Speaking of which- here I am at 26 weeks Day 2! Grow little dude...GROW! Check out these GORGEOUS peonies Joe bought me for Mommy's Day and for our anniversary! One dozen for mommy's day and the other for our 2 year anniversary! Anyway, I'm keeping this blog short for the day--leaving you with this utterly adorable pic! Check out my furry family!
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2 Years Ago Today...

I married my best friend, soul mate, other everything. I can't believe that it has already been two years. Now we have another blessing on the way...our little dude. My life is complete with Joe and will be even more fulfilled once our first son gets here. I am so so blessed and incredibly thankful for the man that has been brought into my life by God. I love you so much, Joseph! Words can not express the depth and passion of my love for him and the love for the life that has been given to me! Some of my favorite memories/pictures from that incredibly special and wonderful day: Reading the love note that Joe had written before the big ceremony! First kiss upon exiting the church... On our way to take pictures with our wedding party... Sharing a kiss in downtown Norfolk...where it all began. Traditional Ukrainian toast (breaking of the bread & salt) with family Daddy/daughter dance to Surfer Girl... Another Ukrainian tradition: Removing the wreath of flowers from the head & placing the scarf by the ladies of the family to signify that I am now a taken woman! There as so many more photos from the day that I want to share...but I think I would go overboard here soon! First dance as huband & wife...the father/daughter was just the best day of my life! Happy Anniversary Fluffy!
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