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10/22/2008 12:56PM
Natalia Video Blog
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11/12/2008 7:29PM
Interesting. Learned some new stuff. I love perogies! I like mine boiled then pan fried in part oil part butter sauce with green and red peppers and a side of sausage! MMmmmMMM!
01/15/2009 11:02AM
Love em specially with onions and butter of course
01/20/2009 7:28AM
hmmm...some polish lady that made that stuffed cabbage for me once, which by the way was delicious, told me that it was a polish dish...
01/30/2009 1:28PM
its great whenu dont forget about the roots. Your parents must be prud of you! Well done!
06/04/2009 3:30PM
Wow thats awesome! I really love learning about "old countries" in Europe, so fascinating!
07/06/2010 9:51AM
Mile Posts
Awww - you are so cute!! :) Great video ;)
08/12/2010 12:03PM
Poetic Dreams
Natilia, Ya said ya'd like ya hair to grow longer. My hair is extremely long and this is how I did it. I alternate shampoos & conditioners every two weeks. I keep 3 varieties. Mane & Tail, Pantene, Suave, Treseme. Etc... Depends on my mood what I buy. Just pick 3 that ya like. When ya shampoo ya hair ONLY wash the scalp hair the length of hair gets washed as the shampoo is being washed out. The part which gets dirty the most is the scalp. As for conditioner use ot only on the length. Run the conditioner through the length and then with a WIDE tooth comb comb it through. Leave it in as ya wash ya body or shave ya legs. Whatever ya need to do in the shower I don't want to know. Lol When ya rinse it through DO NOT WRING YA HAIR OUT! It's important that ya just squeeze it all the way to the end of ya hair length. This helps with towel drying. When ya ready to jump out of the shower, Take ya towel or hairdini and just wrap ya head with it. DO NOT rub ya hair with the towel this causes hair to tangle. Ya can then use something as simple as Johnson's Leave in detangler condtioner if ya like. If not use a WIDE TOOTH COMB To comb out ya hair. PLEASE TOSS any brushes ya may have which have the lil balls on the ends of the bristtles. Ya only need a brush with soft bristles. When ya use the brush with the lil ball ends it actually rips ya hair out. TRY as much as ya can to AIR DRY ya hair! Too much heat on ya hair can cause it to break as well. Bonus~once a month use a hot oil treatment. Or go and buy in the Ethnic section of the hair department some Hollywood Beauty Olive Oil. I also use the Pink Lotion on my hair. This helps give moisture to ya hair. I am Native American & Italian it this stuff works wonders on my hair. I will use this sometime in place of an Hot Oil treatment. I'll put it on my hair at night and wrap my head in a headscarf, which they sell in the same section. Then when I get up in the morning I will wash my hair as normal. Makes ya hair really soft. If ya ahve any questions please feel free to check in with me at my e-mail I hope this made sense. Wishing ya well on ya hair growth. Hugs, Poe
08/24/2010 7:52PM
Paul O'Neil
Hi Natalia! I live in the Canadian HOTBED of Ukranian culture.. Regina, SK! Some of my family live in Chesapeake.. so I was just there! Paul O'Neil twitter: pgo1972
08/31/2010 2:11PM
Hi, I'm going to be a Freshmen this year& I wanna know how you win the contest for school.
07/28/2011 6:11AM
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08/12/2011 9:04AM
муж не хочет заниматься любовью
Коленки бы прикрыла))))))))))))))))
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