Top 10 ALIVE and Still Doing It

1.Jay Z 2.Kanye West 3.Lil Wayne 4.Eminem 5.Fabolous 6.TI 7.Jadakiss 8.Andre 3000 9.Nas 10.Joel Ortiz(slaughter house) whats your top 10

10/08/2009 8:05AM
Top 10 ALIVE and Still Doing It
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10/13/2009 2:56AM
What's up Shagg, Just wanted to let you know i a loyal listener. I just Left Langley AFB and i am now station in South Korea. Thanks to the internet, i get to listen to you and your crew in the evenings here, morning your side. I make sure my windows are open when i am blasting loud the ZOO so everyone can hear. Talk about international. Later. Panama....
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