Most Hated Personality Traits - Are You Guilty??

What PERSONALITY TRAIT do you hate the most? According to a survey done by Reddit, here are the top seven personality traits people hate the most:


1.  People who never leave room in a conversation for you to say ANYTHING.  You can barely even get in an, "Oh yeah."


2.  People who always play the victim, and are never personally responsible for any of the bad things that happen to them.


3.  People who have to one-up everything you say.


4.  People who are condescending.  It's irritating if they're smarter than you, AND it's irritating if they AREN'T.


5.  Close-minded people.  They'll fight for their position, won't listen to anything you have to say, won't listen to reason . . . and actively seem to HATE KNOWLEDGE.


6.  People who admit they're wrong but won't change.  Like, the person who says, "I don't trust minorities.  Sorry, that's just how I feel."


7.  People who are always chronically late.


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01/10/2014 7:11AM
Most Hated Personality Traits - Are You Guilty??
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01/10/2014 8:18AM
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People who never sincerely apologize. They start out with I am sorry but always end with pointing out the wrong the other person did or an excuse for their behavior instead of just saying "I effed up and I am sorry"
11/11/2014 6:06PM
People who are perfectionist and judgemental who always make you feel guilty wherever you are and whatever you do. They always need your help but they never appreciate your help if you don't do something up to their standard. They never admit if they make mistake but always angry with you if you make mistake even if it just a tiny mistake, like mispronounced their name.
04/29/2015 4:59PM
The people to hate , sorry, hating is too strong a description. People whose behaviors may not get a
Anyone that hates others due to the others' predestined situations such as race
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