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Obviously STATUS SYMBOLS change over time. In the '70s, it meant having a round leopard-skin bed with a mirror on the ceiling. For some reason, that's NOT still cool today. CHECK OUT THE TOP 10 STATUS SYMBOLS TODAY HERE!

A Guy From "Ice Road Truckers" Kidnapped a Prostitute and Made Her Jump Out a Second-Story Window!? Get the Full story HERE!

Eldery woman and Pet Puddy Cat scammed for $450,000!? Get the FULL STORY HERE!
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LARRY FLYNT decided to give every member of Congress a FREE SUBSCRIPTION to "Hustler" magazine back in 1983. And now, 31 years later, he's STILL sending a copy of "Hustler" to all 535 of them . . . every month. It comes in a plain manila envelope, so that some staff member winds up opening it.

According to a new survey, 59% of Americans think new technology will make the world a better place over the next 50 years . . . while 30% think life will be WORSE because of it.

Here are five things Americans think we will and WON'T have by then.

1. 19% think we'll be able to control the weather.

2. 33% think we'll be setting up colonies on other planets.

3. 39% think we'll be able to TELEPORT.

4. 51% think computers will be able to create music and art just as well as people.

5. And 81% think we'll be able to grow new organs in a lab . . . which is interesting, since we can already do that with some types of organs.

Facebook's NEVER-ENDING QUEST to strip all human beings of any privacy just took another big step. Check it out HERE

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If there's ANY heterosexual guy in the world tired of looking at lady parts, you'd think it would be someone who spends every single DAY examining them. But this guy proves us wrong. Check out the FULL STORY HERE
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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have hired a "royal wedding coach" to teach them etiquette!? Get the FULL details HERE!

You've heard of BAD TEACHERS BEFORE...But the teacher story we have for you, will BE CRAZY! It's not even a "sexual" ordeal..this is just one BAD BAD BAD teacher! Get the details HERE!

Is Rihanna ENGAGED?! Find out who bought her $42,000 ring HERE!

Beyonce & Jay-Z co-headline summer tour!? IT'S TRUE! Get the details HERE!

On one hand, it would be psychotic to keep detailed records on every single time you had any sexual contact . . . even with yourself. On the other hand, how fascinating would it be to see a full, detailed record of your entire sexual history? WELL NOW YOU CAN!! CHECK IT OUT HERE!

Amazon is introducing a new service called "Amazon Dash" where they send you a scanner the size of a TV remote. And when you run out of something in the kitchen . . . like cereal . . . you just scan the bar code and they send another box. Or in other words . . . they want us to NEVER leave the house again. Check out the FULL STORY HERE
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Ice Cream just got cooler!

Check out this awesome new app from Haagen Dazs called "Concerto" It really works too!

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A 43-year-old British teacher spent over $4,300 on a NEIL DIAMOND greatest hits album . . . by ACCIDENT. HERES what happened.....

A Cabbie Became a Getaway Driver Without Even Realizing It.. Check out the full story HERE

A new survey found 78% of women say they made BIG changes to the way they dressed once they became mothers. HERE are the top 10 things they stop wearing..

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I'm not sure gummy bears are the most EROTIC food . . . they're probably not even in the top 100 most erotic foods. And THIS STORY certainly doesn't help their case.

You should definetely watch what you say ONLINE!! It will catch up to you, just like it did to this 14 year old girl, who is NOW CONSIDERED A TERRORIST! Check out the story HERE

I'd say it's a GIANT red flag if you meet a woman and she tells you she's already committed to a STUFFED ANIMAL. But when you're hard up, you're hard up... CHECK OUT THIS CRAZY STORY
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Three NFL players, including 49ers quarterback COLIN KAEPERNICK, are under investigation for a "suspicious incident," which COULD have involved a sexual assault. You can get the FULL report HERE

Apparently, the hot new trend in waxing is the "BRAZILIAN MULLET." You keep ALL your hair in front . . . but remove all the hair in BACK. Check it out HERE
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Gun lover? We found your candidate!

OMG this commercial STARTS OUT nicely enough, but takes a pretty bizarre turn! Check it out!

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Who throws a SHOE, honestly?

Did you see what somebody threw at Hilary Clinton while she was speaking at a recycling conference in Vegas? Check out the video!

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Have you ever called customer service, then gotten a pointless email from the company THANKING you for it? Well, apparently those courtesy emails aren't ALWAYS pointless. Check out the story HERE

A "Mom of the Year" Was Upset That Another Couple Got Her Dream Home, So She Posed as Them on Craigslist and Invited Men Over For a "Rape Fantasy" ..CRAZY STORY!

Adam Levine debuts womens clothing line at Kmart! Check it out HERE

Julia Louis-Dreyfus poses NUDE for Rolling Stone with a huge back tattoo of the Constitution...BUT THEY MADE AN ERROR! Check it out HERE
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This sounds like the COOLEST nursing home in the country, because they know what their residents REALLY want . . . and it ain't an extra night of bingo. Check it out HERE

I love this hamburger because it's ridiculously indulgent and totally American . . . and also surprisingly NERDY. Check it out HERE

Pitbull & Jennifer Lopez debut 2014 World Cup Song!
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Cow tipping is SOOO OLD NEWS! The new HIP thing to do? Smart Car Tipping! Check it out HERE !

A guy tries to get rid of bugs in his computer by SETTING THEM ON FIRE.. & burning down his apartment building!? Check out the full story HERE

Is Kirstie Alley's New Jenny Craig Ad Insensitive to Chubbies? See it for yourself HERE

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Married Congressman Caught on Camera Making Out with Staffer

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You'd think the producers of
"Maury" would know how to keep their guests separated before the show . . . and save all the drama for the stage, right? But they dropped the ball BIG TIME right here.

A 79-Year-Old Teacher Chose to Quit Rather Than Defriend Her Students on Facebook. Check outt he story HERE

A group of women take revenge on a cheater...but did they go too far?! Check out this CRAZY story!

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April Fools' Day pranks are either lame and unfunny . . . or so intense they get you fired or arrested. But here's an outcome we NEVER saw coming. Check out the full story HERE

A toilet seat became a key piece of evidence in the murder mystery of a elderly woman in New York, check out the full story HERE
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A story that will make you say the phrase, "I don't think thats yoga..." You have to check this story out, it's gross and funny at the same time! Check it out HERE

A drunk guy who broke into a building for ONE thing: HOT POCKETS. This story is hilarious check it out HERE

This guy learned the hard way that climbing through the ventilation shaft isnt't as east as it looks in the movies... Check out the story here!

You won't believe how one dad taught his daughter the importance of having a clean room....Check it out HERE

What do you think is the ONE THING actress Kate Winslet gets asked to autograph ALL THE TIME, and absolutely refuses EVERY TIME! CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT

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Joining the MILE-HIGH CLUB is a pretty common fantasy . . . but not many people actually do it, because you don't want to be caught humping on a plane and face all kinds of federal obscenity charges...BUT THIS MAKES IT COMPLETELY LEGAL!!!!!

THE 10 LEAST SEXY JOBS FOR MEN! Including Garbage Man, Mortician & Male Stripper!? Check out the FULL list HERE.

The series finale of
"How I Met Your Mother" was apparently pretty divisive, because a lot of fans are FUMING about how it ended. See what Craig Thomas, who co-created the show, had to say HERE
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After "How I Met Your Mother's" unpopular season finale earlier this week, "Us" magazine put together a list of 10 OTHER shows with endings that pissed people off.

1. "The Sopranos". It cut to black in the middle of Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'", while the family was just eating at a restaurant.

2. "Angel". It ended with a battle, but who actually survived is still unknown.

3. "Seinfeld". Of course, they all ended up being thrown in jail for being horrible people.

4. "Gossip Girl". The big "reveal" that "Gossip Girl" was Penn Badgley's character fell flat with fans.

5. "Desperate Housewives". Susan Mayer sells her home on Wisteria Lane, and she and her son M.J. move to help her daughter Julie raise her baby.

6. "Dexter". Fans didn't like that Dexter merely ended up in self-imposed exile.

7. "The Hills". The show HINTED that it was fake the whole time . . . which of course it WAS . . . but it didn't commit to that, and left it open-ended.

8. "St. Elsewhere". The whole show was a snowglobe-inspired daydream.

9. "Roseanne". In the finale, Roseanne reveals that the entire show was something she wrote for a book. Some of the events were TRUE . . . but others were things that she made up, because she didn't like what actually happened.

10. "Lost". It ended without answering many questions, and confused some viewers by having the characters reunited in the afterlife

SOURCE: http://www.usmagazine.com/entertainment/news/how-i-met-your-mother-lost-the-sopranos-and-other-tv-series-finales-that-caused-a-frenzy-201414#ixzz2xfQFaerw

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