Shaggy talks a lot!

08/26/2009 6:13PM
Shaggy talks a lot!
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09/27/2009 11:12PM
Derrick Manley
Heyyy wha's goin on bro, now lets jog your memory a bit...We went to high school together, graduated the same year, and even went out to the movies wit a big group a people well like 8 to 10 lol!!! OMG, i did not know you was Shaggy this whole time. Small world man, but look even if you don't remember me give me a shout when you catch some free time. And look I just dropped two of my singles thru Black Ink/Bungalo/Universal maybe you can help a ol' classmate break his records into the world ya dig. Take it easi man and congrats on the newborn!
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