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Monday, October 17

Jennifer Lopez and Bradley Cooper are hooking up in the Big Fat Rumor of the Day! They spent some time together in Los Angeles on Saturday night. Jennifer and Bradley also had dinner together last month in New York City, but that was supposedly a business meeting, but it may have grown into something more. A source says they're, "casually dating". And another source says, "After their date in New York, Bradley and Jennifer stayed in touch. She does like his attention, and it makes her feel good that he seems so into her. She has a fun time with Bradley and he makes her laugh. She likes him." However, J-Lo might have some competition. The "National Enquirer" claims Kirstie Alley is desperate to land Bradley and she's trying to get friends to set them up. So, if you were Bradley, who would you choose? Ha! Lady Gaga and Usher were two of the performers for an event honoring Bill Clinton. It was called "The William J. Clinton Decade of Difference Concert." Bill was there along with Hillary and their daughter Chelsea. In honor of the Clintons, Lady Gaga tweaked some of her songs. She turned "Bad Romance" into "Bill Romance" and "You and I" into "The Clintons, You and I". And she was performing in a bizarre skin-colored wrap of some sort. Gaga also used this opportunity to drop an F-Bomb saying, "If someone had told me so many years ago that I'd be doing that right in front of you I just wouldn't have believed them. I would have given them a good American [eff] you." And Usher used this opportunity to expose himself. Sort of. Usher's pants ripped open during his performance, but you couldn't see anything other than some leg. "Twilight" actress Nikki Reed and "American Idol" contestant Paul McDonald got married yesterday in Malibu. Nikki plays Rosalie Hale in the "Twilight" movies. She was actually a fan of Paul's from watching "Idol" and met him when the contestants attended the premiere of the movie "Little Red Riding Hood" earlier this year. In June, just two months later, they were engaged. He's 27 and she's 23. Congrats! ABC has canceled the "Charlie's Angels" reboot after just four episodes. There are four remaining episodes and it sounds like ABC will air them in the show's regular timeslot until they decide on a replacement. Since I'm the only one watching, it's Thursdays at 8:00pm. Rick Ross suffered two "health scares" on two different planes causing two emergency landings within just six hours on Friday. There isn't anything official on what's wrong with him. Rick was attempting to fly from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to Memphis for a performance. His first try was on Delta, but not long after the plane took off, Rick suffered a medical emergency, and the plane returned to the airport to make an emergency landing. We heard Rick "lost consciousness" and that emergency workers called it a "seizure," but that hasn't been confirmed. Rick was taken to the hospital, where he started feeling better. Wale Tweeted, "I just talked to Ross, he's 100% OK @TMZ #DontPanic #DontPanic." But Rick was not 100% OK. A few hours later, Rick boarded a private jet to Memphis, but once again, he suffered some sort of medical emergency, and the plane was diverted to Birmingham, Alabama, where he was once again rushed to the hospital. It sounds like it was another seizure, but again, we don't know that for sure. Rick canceled his Friday show in Memphis as well Saturday's gig in Greensboro, North Carolina. He's scheduled to perform this coming Friday in Atlanta, and in L.A. on Sunday. It's unclear if he'll be able to make those shows. Tone Loc collapsed while performing at a private party in Atlanta on Saturday night. According to reports from people who were there, it looked like he had a seizure, but there's no confirmation on that. All we know for sure is that Tone Loc was rushed to the hospital, where he was hooked up to an I.V. His manager says he was suffering from exhaustion and that he's fine now. Tone Loc is 45 and has a history of passing out. In May of 2009, he collapsed at an outdoor concert in Florida. He reportedly suffered a seizure caused by the heat. He was taken to the hospital that time, too.

10/17/2011 9:48AM
Monday, October 17
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