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Monday, December 1

The big question heading into the Thanksgiving weekend was whether Alex Rodriguez was going to spend the holiday with his estranged wife and their daughters or with Madonna. Well, A-Rod chose both.  According to the "New York Daily News", Alex had Thanksgiving dinner in Miami with his soon-to-be ex-wife Cynthia and their two daughters:  4-year-old Natasha and 7-month-old Ella.  Then he spent the rest of the day with Madonna on nearby Star Island. Both Madonna and A-Rod reportedly own homes there.  The Wednesday night before Thanksgiving, A-Rod was front-and-center at Madonna's gig at Dolphin Stadium.  He was so close to the action that he even handed her a bottle of water at one point during the show.  The "Daily News" says Madonna looked right at Alex when she sang, "You Must Love Me" while grinding against a speaker.  Look, Madonna, you're 50.  Stop grinding on things!  Meanwhile, Madonna took her Sticky & Sweet Tour to Mexico City over the weekend.  And quite coincidentally, A-Rod just happened to be in Mexico City, too.  Somebody actually asked A-Rod how he felt being in Mexico City at the same time as Madonna.  He said it was, "very good".   Britney Spears will release her new album, "Circus", tomorrow and it sounds like one of the tracks may contain a hidden, and vulgar message.  A song called "If U Seek Amy" has drawn attention for it's dirty title.  Now, if you say that phrase out loud and with a little zip in your tone it does indeed sound like a vulgar phrase.  Just try it again if you don't get it.  It sounds like you're telling someone to do something rather explicit to you while spelling out the operative word.  The chorus of the song takes it a little further.  It goes, "All of the boys and all of the girls are beggin' to" followed by the title of the song.   Aubrey O'Day, the one who recently got 'kicked out' of Danity Kane, might show up in the pages of "Playboy" soon.  Sources that she shot a spread for the magazine on Tuesday.   Now for some rumors over the weekend:  Angelina Jolie wants everyone to know that she is not pregnant. In Touch Weekly claimed that the actress was overheard announcing she was knocked up again at a London restaurant.   John Mayer asked Jennifer Aniston to marry him, but she turned him down!  "She told John that everything is so perfect between them right now, they shouldn't ruin the focus of their relationship," said a source.   The Australian tabloids say that Orlando Bloom and his girlfriend, model Miranda Kerr, are engaged.  Orlando's rep says it's not true.   Did you hear the one about Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown getting back together?  Not true.  Whitney's rep calls it, "a complete fabrication."   Winona Ryder is currently under investigation after a bracelet and ring with $125,000 worth of Bulgari diamonds went missing after they were lent to her for a Spanish fashion awards ceremony. So far it's a case of 'she said' versus 'they said'!   Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag claim in US magazine that they married on a "whim" but according to Mexico's foreign relations department website, Americans who want to marry in Mexico must first go through a five-day process, obtaining a health certificate, which includes blood tests. Meanwhile, just in case there was anybody who thinks Heidi and Spencer do anything without an ulterior motive, MTV has announced that the couple's "marriage" and Mexican honeymoon is being filmed for the fifth season of "The Hills".  Totally a whim.

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Monday, December 1
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