Watch how quickly this girl who "has a boyfriend" changes her mind after she thinks the random guy who sat down to talk to her is a celebrity! Can you say 180?

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So THAT'S show you rescue a baby duck!

Ever wonder what you would do if you heard the cries of a baby duckling that fell down a pipe, but you couldn't reach it?

Here's your solution:

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Sharknado 2 and Walking Dead previews!!

Wanna see what 3 minutes of Sharknado 2 looks like? Here ya go!

How about a season preview for The Walking Dead? Here ya go!

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NEW AVENGERS PICS! Plus new X-Men leak!

Check out some pictures from the set of the "Avengers" sequel by clicking HERE!


"X-Men" director BRYAN SINGER posted a picture of a small portion of the treatment for the next movie, "X-Men:  Apocalypse", and you can see those HERE!

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I can't believe this made it on TV

I'm just like...OH...MY...LORD...

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Just keep watching the lady in the background...

Right after the LA Kings won the Stanley Cup the reporters took to the ice for live coverage. Unfortunately, not EVERYONE was told that walking on ice in heels is a BAD IDEA.

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Watch what these gamers saw on another gamers webcam!

Police are investigating a home invasion that took place in Tempe, AZ. Check out what other online gamers could see in the background of one players webcam! The other gamers called police right away, and as of last night, one of the robbers was in custody.

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Watch this guy get robbed LIVE on camera!

This guy got robbed while riding his bike, but luckily he was wearing his Go Pro camera! Believe it or not, the footage on this camera led police to capture the 3 men who did the robbery!

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All this over Febreze??

You HAVE TO SEE this! The manager of a Family Dollar is so upset at these people after he found out they were trying to steal a bottle of Febreze from his store...but it gets WORSE from there...


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OMG this is hilarious...

This was during a nationally televised golf tournament over the weekend. Keep an eye in the background...there's a guy riding one of those motorized scooter/chairs that you sometimes see in the supermarket? Yeah...keep watching him...

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