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Meet the Bridesmaids!

I know that my blogs tend to be "Wedding Oriented" but I've got wedding bells on the brain! Would you expect anything less from a woman who is getting married for the first time in three months from now?! I think not. That being said...I am going to introduce you to my 8...yes, you read correctly- EIGHT bridesmaids. Here they are in no particular order: Melody (Maid of Honor): Mel and I have been best friends since 7th Grade. How our friendship started is a whoooole other blog in itself...but I will say this: She helped my boyfriend in the 7th Grade CHEAT on me on an Orchestra/Chorus/Band trip! Ohhh, the scandal! After an apology note, we became the best of friends! Basically thats the abridged version of the story. I'm blessed to have her in my life...she's seen me through it ALL! Mel currently lives in New York (lucky woman!) with her boyfriend John:   Kimberly: We've known each other since Freshman year of High School. Her Mom became my tutor for Algebra (I was always HORRIBLE at Math) and that's where the friendship began & we've been close friends ever since! Another person that has seen me through a great deal. She lives in Reston (where I grew up) and I love getting together with her whenever I get the chance to go home: (Here she is with her boyfriend Tuomas!)    Then there is Cate...another amazing girl friend from High School. From what I recall, we used to have some "beef" Freshman Year over a boy (they always cause issues)- but we quickly moved past that to become amazing friends! She's out in Arizona working as a Psychologist. She plans on moving back to Virginia in a year or so and I CAN'T WAIT!! Lauren...or as I call her Lo. We met at Christopher Newport University and even roomed together. She too lives out in Arizona & teaches second grade. She says that she hates her job but I think she secretly loves the kids...they just stress her out from time to time! Lol. I've got some really good looking bridesmaids, eh? Here she is goofing off (typical of Lo!) Krissy/Kristina- Joe's younger sister. She's like the younger sister I never had! She currently lives in Chesapeake and is getting her graduate degree at ODU. She also works at Best Buy part-time and mannn does she get the hook up! She's incredible & a hard worker. Love you Kris! Heather but I call her Zing Zing! Heather and I work together at the radio station...she works at 94.9 The Point (doing Mornings) and we've known each other for 3+ years now. I seriously have incredible friends...all unique and special in their own way. She's someone that gets my sense of humor...and puts me in my place from time to time! But that's needed occassionally! Whew- stay with me! TWO more to go! There's Maya...I've watched Maya grow up & even "babysat" her in the younger years. My mom & her mom are best friends! She's like a cousin to me. She's always at every Holiday party, function, graduation, vice versa...and really, we're like family! She's in South Carolina, finishing up school. Last but CERTAINLY not least: DeAnna~ my cousin. Unfortunately, she's not much of a picture taker so I have no photo to post but I do promise that she's just as beautiful as the rest of these ladies! She's in Philly (along with the rest of my extended family) and I can't wait to see her in April (helloo- Bachlorette Party!) Anyway, like I mentioned before, I am VERY blessed to have such wonderful Women in my life! I am thankful and grateful for all the memories that I have with them...and Woooweee, they're a good looking bunch!

02/06/2009 5:02PM
Meet the Bridesmaids!
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