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At some point in school, we all had that moment when we were super stressed out over a test, and needed to blow off steam. As far as we know, no one has EVER blown off steam the way this guy did. YIKES.. Check out what he did HERE

One of the biggest complaints people have about Tinder is that it's so superficial . . . you're basically judging people JUST by how they look in their photos, and nothing else. So a new app is trying to make things LESS shallow . . . by ALSO letting you judge people on how much money they make. Check it out HERE

A girl that was on stage dancing with DIERKS BENTLEY projectile vomited in front of the whole crowd. It happened during "Drunk On A Plane", and to lighten the mood he improvised and sang, "Don't know why, she's puking up on the stage." Check out the video below:

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If a woman approaches you and says, "You look tall and intelligent . . . want to have sex?" Be careful . . . she might just be after your SWEET, SWEET DNA.Apparently some women are now gravitating toward 'NATURAL insemination' . . . where they have sex with a stranger while they're ovulating, JUST so they can get pregnant. More details HERE

No matter HOW good a relationship you have with your mother-in-law, ultimately she'll prioritize her own child over you. And as you know, NO ONE has more influence on your husband or wife than your mother-in-law... thats why if your getting a divorce, your mother-in-law is to blame! Details HERE

According to a new study, your favorite type of pizza is a secret clue to what kind of PERSONALITY you have. Check it out HERE

Remember the good old days, when Black Friday was just one-day, and you knew THAT was the day to get the best deals? Now the sales last forever, and the quality of the deals fluctuates like crazy. Check it out HERE
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A woman burned by McDonalds coffee is BUSTED for fraud! Because she used burned photos from the internet for proof.. what a dummy. get the full story HERE

Best Buy is one of the many stores ruining Thanksgiving this year . . . they'll be opening at 5:00 P.M. on Thanksgiving with some of the standard CRAZY DEALS on TVs and laptops and whatnot... but check it out, people are ALREADY LINED UP! More details HERE
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Now how do you accidentally serve alcohol to a 2 YEAR OLD? This Joes Crab Shack managed to do it somehow... get the details HERE

A womans heart STOPPED beating for 45 minutes, but she SURVIVED?! Get the details on how she managed to live HERE

Have you looked at what it costs to buy a new iPhone WITHOUT getting a two-year contract? They start at like $800. So if you buy one for someone as a gift, that's love. If you buy MORE than one? I can't even comprehend... Check out what this dude did, HERE

This woman may be the best negotiator in America...a $80,000 wedding, FOR FREE?! More details HERE
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Is the Monster energy drink logo a message from SATAN? A video of a woman making the case blew up online yesterday. And she has two main points.

The "o" in "Monster" looks like it has a cross in it . . . and each of the three lines in the "M" logo look like the Hebrew character for the number six . . . so it says "666". According to her, both of those design elements were intentionally done by the Devil himself.

One mom bought a toy for her daughter at the Dollar Store, a pink sparkly wand.. but didn't notice it was called the "Evilstick" . . . but after she took it out of the package and turned it on, she found out why. Check it out HERE

Taco Bell had insane success when they integrated Doritos into their world, and made the Doritos Locos Tacos. But maybe other companies misinterpreted that success, and thought it meant adding Doritos to ANYTHING would increase sales. Because this sounds NASTY.. "DEWITOS..Doritos-flavored mountain dew? Check it out HERE

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You've got to be messed up to FAKE having cancer to prey on people for money and sympathy. So I guess it's not a shocker that this woman faking cancer wasn't particularly BRIGHT. Get the full story HERE

The site Ranker.com has an ongoing poll set up, where they ask America: "Which TV Host Do You Think Is the Most Annoying?" Thousands of votes have been tallied . . . and the results don't disappoint. These truly are some of the most aggravating talking heads on TV. Check out the results HERE
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There's an app that donate to an animal shelter every time you walk your dog, check it out HERE

It turns out the "ALEX FROM TARGET"
thing was just a marketing gimmick..More details on the story HERE

This might be the world's first couple where the guy knocked up the woman BEFORE they met. Really. Get all the details HERE

Remember in September when Olive Garden sold 1,000 limited-edition passes that gave you unlimited food for just $100? We've just found the one guy who's determined to make sure they never offer that deal again. HERE

You know that DirecTV AD where there are TWO versions of ROB LOWE: Regular, super cool Rob Lowe, and "painfully awkward" Rob Lowe? Some people with SHY BLADDERS are asking DirecTV to stop airing their new commercial, which has a joke about people having trouble peeing in public. Check out the commercial below:

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The Five Weirdest Campaign Ads from the 2014 Midterm Elections

It's Election Day, so we decided to track down the five worst CAMPAIGN ADS of the year. And we're not saying anything about each candidate's POLITICS . . . their ads were just the WEIRDEST. Here are the top five.

1. A conservative candidate in Iowa named Bob Quast talked about the second amendment. (CAREFUL!) And he promised that if someone ever tried to break into his house, he'd use his Glock to quote, "blow [their] BALLS OFF."

2. A Republican in Iowa Joni Ernst put out an ad earlier this year, bragging about how she grew up on a farm CASTRATING HOGS.

3. A guy in Ohio named J.D. Winteregg went after John Boehner and talked about "ELECTILE dysfunction". The whole thing was done like a Viagra ad.

4. A Democrat named Estakio Beltran put out an ad in Washington state where he shot a piñata shaped like an elephant, then rode off on a donkey.

5. The Lieutenant Governor of Texas, David Dewhurst, put out an ad where he made it look like his Democratic opponent was singing "Let It Go" from "Frozen", but with different lyrics

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A 60-year-old guy in Michigan was arrested last week after he tried to meet up for sex with an underage kid . . . and showed up wearing a Boba Fett costume from "Star Wars". There wasn't actually a kid though. It was a cop posing as a kid online... more details HERE

A guy in Canada is suing a hospital, because his doctor let two medical students watch him get a prostate exam. But it turned out they weren't students . . . they were actors doing research for a Canadian TV show called
"Saving Hope". The guy also thinks they may have PARTICIPATED in the exam... more details HERE

Remember that smooth, burly lumberjack in the May 1992 issue of
"Playgirl"? Yeah . . . me neither.. BUT apparently he claims to have been FIRED for those risky photos and NOW wants to sue.. more details HERE

This is pretty weird, but if your name happens to be Elizabeth Gallagher, you have a ton of free time over the holidays, and you have a high tolerance for weirdos, it's your lucky day. More details HERE
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Z104 Pumpkin Drop!!

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