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A couple is suing the Hotel from their wedding for NOT stopping a guy who wagged his junk at them during the ceremony. haha Get the full story HERE 

A new device will help you tone your lady parts AND gives you a small rewarding buzz down there for doing your exercises! Check it out HERE 

Whenever you're waiting at the doctor's office or the DMV, you probably pull out your phone, right?  We ALL pull out our phones. So what would happen if you couldn't? A new study found that we've gotten SO used to being able to occupy ourselves when we're bored, that if we CAN'T, we'll take ANY other option . . . even if it's SELF TORTURE. Check out the full story HERE 

This burglary plan sounds like it's straight out of a movie . . . and it's so impressive, it's hard to be mad.  Unless you were the victim . . . then you're probably mad as hell. Get the full story HERE 

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07/07/2014 6:49AM
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