Crossfit FAILS. If you are still sticking to your Resolutions of working out & you need a little laugh/motivation...check out these workout FAILS!

The new hair...

Well, I was trying to post pictures of my lightened up locks but the computers at work are just AMAZING. *Cough* For some reason it's not letting me upload the photo on here...something about errors & how it's angry. Ok, so maybe the computer didn't say it was angry- but it sure seems like it is since it doesn't want to cooperate! Oh well...maybe another day!

 Check out these shoes that lace themselves!!! Maybe we are getting a little TOO lazy- no!?

Would you wear these? I love Gwen Stefani & her fashion sense...but not this time! They look like denim diapers. I don't get it! I guess they are called "harem" pants. Ick.

Don't foget that it's a Trey Songz text-2-win weekend! Just text "Trey" to 39142. He's sooo CUTE. I can say that even though I am married. God gave me eyes for a reason- to look! ;) Just Kidding!!!!

07/09/2010 1:58PM
The new hair...
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