Pregnant anchor shuts down body shamers...

GOOD FOR HER! NO one should be body shaming anyone...EVER! Pregnant...not's just PLAIN WRONG!
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Cheetah & Puppy = BFF

This is just TOO cute not to share!!!
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With the weather being so nasty lately...

Why not play a little slip & slide football!!?!?! Would you play??

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100 Years of Bridal Gowns in THREE minutes

This is pretty neat!

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The Struggles of Makeup are REAL...

Do you feel the pain!?

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She hid her tattoos for 12 years...

She had been hiding her tattoos from her parents for TWELVE years!!! TWELVE! She finally is revealing them ALL...check out the video:

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In honor of #TBT

Check out those BANGS & bowl cut! Woo wee!


Another #tbt to my awesome bowl cut hair do! -Natalia

Posted by Z104 on Thursday, September 17, 2015
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Best Birthday Present!

Guy finds out he's going to be a Dad is a super fun/cool way! Check it out & grab the tissues.

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LOVE this guy

I LOVE the Weeknd. A lot. BTW- did you know ALL 14 of his songs off his new album are on the Billboard Chart?? YAS! Plus, he's going to be in DC in November for his fall tour. HELLO road trip! Watch this Starbucks employee JAM out in the drive thru line. I love it!

Watch it here!
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Gorilla loves seeing pics of himself...

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