Is this real!!??? It CAN'T be, right??

03/05/2014 6:22AM
Is this real!!??? It CAN'T be, right??
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03/05/2014 6:34AM
Is it a wind turbine at bottom -sent by Michael
03/05/2014 7:33AM
The shadows under them look real to me but the heavier the people were the higher they went which is weird
03/05/2014 9:22AM
this is awesome
Where can I get one?
03/05/2014 10:16AM
You can tell:
You can tell is not real, when the first couple of guys were doing it they had jackets on and they look kind of bulky in the back close to their heads, probably hiding the harness they were tight with. Remember not long ago the guy who was holding the double decker bus with one hand? the same concept almost...
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