This commercial is better than any movie of the past decade

It certainly says something about the state of Hollywood today that a three minute ad produced at a fraction of the cost of most movies is more moving and poignant than almost anything the big studios have to offer.

The Thai telecommunications conglomerate True is getting rave reviews worldwide for its latest spot, "Giving," which tells the story of a man unexpectedly rewarded for a lifetime of good deeds he performed without expecting anything in return.

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09/17/2013 9:06AM
This commercial is better than any movie of the past decade
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09/17/2013 9:52AM
pay it forward
Made me cry
09/17/2013 9:53AM
Only wish the world were more like this. Was the old man robbed and left for dead? More than likely in this cold world.
09/17/2013 9:54AM
Very moved
I am a soldier in the United States Army and I am currently getting out after 14 years of service. I have seen a lot and been through a lot with my wife and 4 kids and this commercial moved me in ways I haven't been moved in a long time. Thanx 104
09/17/2013 9:58AM
Ah Geez
That was wrong! Why did you post this! I am a blubbering mess at work now! So Beautiful.
09/17/2013 10:09AM
This made me cry
09/17/2013 10:33AM
I love this it really touched me!
09/17/2013 8:03PM
I had to see it 2 more times, it was wonderful and touching
09/17/2013 9:38PM
Good to see a good influence in society that also has an emotional impact at the same time
09/18/2013 12:46AM
Very moving
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