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Ashley Woodrum

If You Take Naps, You're Going to Die

Here's something brand new to worry about.  Next time you sneak in a quick nap on the couch . . . or curl up in a supply closet at work . . . it means you're GOING TO DIE SOON.



Researchers at Cambridge University in England just published the results of a 13-year study of more than 16,000 people . . . and they found people who regularly take naps are much more likely to DIE YOUNG.



People who take naps are almost 33% more likely to die before age 65 than people who don't.



The main reason is people who nap are about twice as likely to die from a respiratory illness.



Now, obviously we're kind of goofing on the results here . . . because do people who nap a lot develop breathing problems?  Or do undiagnosed breathing problems make people tired and want to take naps?  The researchers aren't sure.



Their big recommendation is if you find yourself taking a ton of naps, it's worth going to a doctor to get yourself checked out . . . you could have an undiagnosed breathing problem. 


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04/14/2014 9:12AM
If You Take Naps, You're Going to Die
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04/17/2014 1:41PM
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