I'm THRILLED for Barack. Now gimme my change!

Well it happened. History happened. And YOU were alive to SEE it! How cool is that? The first African-American President in American history!  It only took 220 years, people. So now we wait and see. What will happen? Will President Obama bring us the change we so desperately need?  I'm not sure, but there seems to be a new feeling rolling across this country-HOPE. It's refreshing, isn't it?  HOPE!  Haven't had it in a while. I don't know if you voted for Barack Obama. I don't know if you even like the guy. But look at it this way: whether you like him or not, it was time to call the bullpen and get a new kid on the mound. Well, we got one!  And honestly, I DON'T know if he'll be a great President. I don't know if he'll bring us the change we need. But I know a change did us good, so let's give the new kid a chance, OK? Honestly, he couldn't do much worse, right? One more thing: remember it's OK to wish and hope for change, but it's better to BE the change you wish for. Don't sit back and expect this thing to happen around you. BE A PART OF IT. -N

01/21/2009 11:41AM
I'm THRILLED for Barack. Now gimme my change!
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01/22/2009 1:58PM
hi nick my dad well step dad jeff he was best friends with shaggy they went to school together at pembroke meadows and shaggy came to my b-day at haygood im at school right now but i will be on ur site later I love Z104 forever you have the bast musicplz say this out on z104 at 4:00 today or the next day i will be listening love ur biggest fan kaitlin
01/22/2009 8:09PM
all we need now that we have him for president is celebrate him with Puzcki day. Your from Detroit you know!!!!!!
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