Hey Dad! Did U Get My Txt??

Meet Elizabeth Frisinger: She lost her virginity and accidentally texted her dad!

Elizabeth (Lizzy) Frisinger 18, a Senior in Cleveland went on a class trip where she lost her virginity on the beach.  Apparently it was “gr8″. We know this because young Lizzy was so excited about her conquest she texted her friend, except it wasn’t her friend, she had accidentally texted her dad.  Class trip finished. Since then, a pic of Elizabeth’s iphone (above) has been doing the rounds of the interwebs, and a classmate of hers leaked her senior year picture to a Cleveland Radio Station to complete the story.

Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame Lizzy, we are sure this will help you win friends at Syracuse, where she has early acceptance.  As yet no name or photos have appeared of the lucky boy man.

12/10/2008 11:32AM
Hey Dad! Did U Get My Txt??
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12/27/2008 3:44AM
omg!!! thats y u make sure that ur txtn the right person... if my dad wouldve got that txt he wouldve come over to where ever i was n...well you knw the
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