The SCARIEST G.D. commercial you will ever see

WARNING. THIS IS THE SCARIEST FREAKING COMMERCIAL I'VE SEEN IN A LONG TIME. It's not bloody or gross, but it's just freakin SCARY! That's why there's a warning that plays right before IF YOU DARE!

12/05/2013 5:10AM
The SCARIEST G.D. commercial you will ever see
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12/05/2013 8:09AM
def scary
love this. awesome
12/05/2013 8:12AM
tire commercial
This commercial is not scsry yall are some punks, it looks like the Grudge
12/05/2013 8:14AM
Did they take it off already
Not showing up
12/05/2013 8:14AM
OMG! I dropped my phone and cracked the screen. SUGAR that scared the dugar out of me.
12/05/2013 8:15AM
jumped a little
So i definitely jumped but i think im ok to work the rest of the day lol.
12/05/2013 8:16AM
so calld scary
Omg, it was not scary, the grudge an the chick from the ring, signd jon.p.s im gettin that car though
12/05/2013 8:21AM
F that commercial
That was bad
12/05/2013 8:24AM
Lol, that wasn't scary
12/05/2013 8:24AM
I'm still waiting to be scared
That wasn't scary at all.
12/05/2013 8:52AM
glad I waited
Glad I waited till I got to work to watch!!
12/05/2013 8:59AM
My matrix
There must be a glitch in my matrix. I watched that with an EXTREME sense of deja vu. I've seen this (or maybe something like it?) somewhere before but I don't recall what exactly. Hmm... It's startling, I'll give you that, but that's about it. Maybe because I didn't do the full effect like Nick said to do. Now, if I was at home, in bed, under the covers watching videos on my phone covertly while the hubby snored next to me, then yeah, I probably would have had the mess scared outta me :) But, I'm at work :-|
12/05/2013 4:02PM
Enoungh said...
12/05/2013 5:16PM
that was hilarious!
12/05/2013 11:14PM
Very Scary
I screamed! But of course I'm all alone at night in the with the lights out watching this!
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