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Here it is! The first commercial banned from the Super Bowl this year...

This commercial has already been given the THUMBS DOWN from the NFL and therefore will not air during this year's Super Bowl. What do YOU think?

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12/04/2013 5:26AM
Here it is! The first commercial banned from the Super Bowl this year...
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12/04/2013 7:14AM
I don't mind the commercial
I actually don't mind the commercial at all. Maybe just the sillohuette of that particular gun. Possibly use a smaller style.
12/04/2013 7:23AM
This is a banned commercial?! Oh I see it's to vulgar or maybe it's all the nudity, no wait it's.... A Perfectly sensible commercial and that's why it's being banned, if that lady had lingerie on holding a football then it would be okay!!!!
12/04/2013 7:33AM
Its because of Politics!!!
12/04/2013 9:36AM
risky conflicts
While I am not offended by the commercial, I am aware that gun possession is illegal in certain states. I'm pretty sure the super bowl commercials are nationwide and the network most likely will not selectively omit the markets with those gun laws. I don't see networks risking after math conflicts with decision makers in those markets to allow any 1 commercial when the demand for the limited ad space is so high. It's safer for the network to stay away and collect the same multi million dollar fee from a less controversial ad.
12/04/2013 9:48AM
Me Sease
I love the commercial just not at the Super Bowl. Air it on regular TV SPOTS.
12/04/2013 11:50AM
I have no prob with this
The commercual is ok with me its not like its inappropriate or anything
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