Happy New Year!

It's here! 2009! Finally! Hope you had a safe and prosperous holiday season (meaning I hope ya got a lot of cool stuff).  So NOW the question becomes...what about this brand new year?  Are you going to do anything different this year? YOU know...any resolutions? Well I can think of a couple that I want to work on, and here they are (in no particular order): 1. Clean the Zoo office. It is an absolute MESS, no kidding! Right now I'm sitting in a pile that includes (no kidding) the following items: old balloons, a hockey stick, a jar of some liquid that I THINK used to be tea (but I don't know what it is anymore), a golf club, a traffic pylon, a giant inflatable bottle of corona, a drum set, and now xmas lights. Yes. it's a bizarre mess indeed. 2. Help other people more. I think this is a big one. I think I tend to take care of one person mostly-myself. But I'm in the position now where I can really help others, and I'd like to force myself to volunteer, even if it's once a month, to help others. I need to do it. 3. Dress it up a little. I've been making a concerted effort when I go out to NOT just do the "jeans, t-shirt, and hat" thing as much. The theme of 09 is "dress it up a little".  After all, I'm single again, and I need all the help I can GET, ya know?  Which brings me to... 4. Find HER. Boy, if there was one lesson I learned in the past year it's THIS: sometimes you have to be involved with something you DON'T want, to find out what you really DO want.  I don't think I have to get into it any further, but let's just say I'm very clear now on what I DO want in a girlfriend, and definitely what I DON'T!! 5. No More Drama. I think I make this one for myself EVERY year, and by the end of the year I always have it in my life.  So I will be wiser and smarter this year, and let my head do more of the thinking than anything else, and hope for the best! Those are MY resolutions. What are YOURS? -N

01/05/2009 1:41PM
Happy New Year!
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01/08/2009 3:43PM
I truly enjoyed reading your Blog of resolutions. Hard to believe yet another year is among us. This year, I hope to continue my quest in dealing with long awaited problems I conintued to shove under the rug. I'm going to focus more on how to be single and fabulous rather than alone with ice cream. I am drama free, and will continue to keep it that way. I'm going to take each day and each moment as it comes, rather than here I am again, with no one special to share my days with. I have been Blessed with two of the most amazing children and they are my world. Its time I stop holding grudges against those who have hurt me, and rather learn from mistakes and own up to what responsibilies I had a part in when things just didn't work out. I mean, it does take TWO to tango, and TWO to not have things turn out the way one always hopes and dreams. Nobodys perfect! Live life to the fullest, Love as if I've never been hurt..and embrace those moments that take my breath away! Not sure how much sence that all made, but it felt good writing it :) Happy New Year Nick! April
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