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Happy Hump Day! My bump is getting ready...

to leave. Well...it will be a little while before my bump goes away entirely. I had a Dr's appointment again this morning and Baby Joseph is going to be here SOON. There is NO way I will make it to my due date. He is READY to be in this world. I'm really nervous/anxious/excited. I just need him to wait til the weekend. My little brother is graduating from the Fire Academy on Friday and I need to be there to witness it! I am so proud of him. He's so cute in his fire gear, right?! He would probably be mortified to know that I've posted these pictures! That's what big sisters are all about though! It's hard to believe that this is what baby J looked like at 16 weeks... I will have to take a picture tonight (I am 38 weeks today) but this is what he looked like at 35 weeks! I will try to post the 38 week picture before I POP! Tricia will be right behind me with her little guy. I just know it!

08/03/2011 2:36PM
Happy Hump Day! My bump is getting ready...
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