Friends With Bodyguards

You may not have known this, but Mila Kunis was actually born in the Ukraine (Natalia's home country!!) back in 1983, when it was part of the Soviet Union, and moved here when she was seven. She doesn't have an accent, but she speaks Russian. Mila and Justin Timberlake were in Moscow the other day doing press for "Friends with Benefits", when one of the reporters asked Justin why he's doing movies now instead of music. That set Mila off for some reason, and she told the reporter off - in Russian. She said, "Why movies? Why not? What kind of question is that? Why are you here?" Justin, who was listening to translations of what everyone was saying through headphones, pointed to Mila and said, "This is my bodyguard." So cute! I had to post this because I just saw the movie the other day and I completely disagree with Nicodemus who saw it and said it sucked. I don't think he went into the movie knowing it was a romantic freaking comedy! Hello? Yes, it did have a lot of sexy sex time, but the movie obviously follows the relationship ups and downs for Justin and Mila's characters. Ha ha! Oh well, I'm just telling you the best parts weren't just in the preview. The whole thing was good and worth my time. But then again, I'm a movie ho. Hee hee!!

08/03/2011 9:31AM
Friends With Bodyguards
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08/03/2011 10:06AM
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