Friday, November 22, 2013

Black Friday is literally 7 days away and people are already camping out to be the first in line!

Ever wish you could go back in time and do something all over again? Here is what some people wish they could experience again for the first time!

"2 Drunk 2 Care" is what a 20 year woman tweets hours before killing two people while driving drunk!

Three women have been slaved by a couple for over 30 years have finally been freed by British police!

Your favorite childhood star -- Aaron Carter files for bankruptcy! 

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11/22/2013 7:11AM
Friday, November 22, 2013
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11/25/2013 7:01AM
Dipstick of the Day: Shaggy
I'm a regular morning listener who usually finds the morning show very funny, however, on Friday, Shaggy earned a Dipstick of the Day nomination! While discussing moments people said they wanted to relive, I believe #7 was reading a great book, Shaggy said, "Reading...Losers!" As a high school librarian who works very hard to make reading something teens want to do, I was very disappointed in Shaggy's comment. The facts are: Readers are good readers because they read; readers are better writers, and readers typically have higher test scores, stay in school longer, and have better paying jobs. As a parent and radio personality, I hope Shaggy reads to his children and encourages them to be readers as they grow up. Please make him "Dipstick of the Day" and give him a chance to change his tune! P.S. Like the movie? READ the BOOK!
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