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Friday, June 29

Usher claims he's being stalked by a dangerous delusional woman who is convinced she's married to him! Usher has obtained a temporary restraining order against 26-year-old Darshelle Jones-Rakestraw claiming she showed up uninvited to his Georgia home on June 23 with the intention of harassing him and his family. Sources close to Usher say she pounded on his front door and demanded to be let in. Cops were called to the scene where they warned Darshelle to stay away from the property and told her not to come back. We're told Darshelle left the home, but not for long. Usher says she returned the very next day. Cops were once again called and Darshelle tried to convince the officers she was Usher's wife and had simply misplaced her keys. Cops didn't buy the story because Usher's not and placed Darshelle under arrest. Usher immediately obtained a temporary restraining order and is hoping to make that order more permanent during a hearing next month. For Darshelle's part, she posted a YouTube video Wednesday, claiming Usher has been secretly funneling her cash since last year, promising to make living arrangements for her. She also says he promised to help with her music career. In the video, Darshelle insists, "I'm not a stalker. Usher has officially slandered me and defamed my character." She says she plans to file defamation charges against Usher soon.

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16-year-old Kendall Jenner and her 14-year-old sister Kylie are about to become authors. They're going to write a young adult fantasy novel about, "two sisters on a journey filled with terror, mystery, drama and love." It takes place 200 years from now in a dystopian future (a.k.a. "Hunger Games" rip-off). There's no word on a title. The book will be out next summer. Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian published a book last year called "Doll House". It was about the glamorous life of three sisters named Kamille, Kassidy and Kyle.

It's really over for Eva Longoria and Eduardo Cruz. Eva and Penelope Cruz's little brother became a couple in February 2011 months after Eva and Tony Parker broke up. They were married for four years. Eva broke it off after she discovered hundreds of inappropriate texts between him and another woman, their close pal Erin Barry. Eduardo and Eva were on-and-off for about 16 months.

Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee would like his fans to know two things: He loves you, but no, he won't take a picture with you. Seriously. So stop askin'. Tommy explained his rationale in a long post on the band's Facebook page. "I f***ing love my fans! What I have a problem with is taking pictures! I hate it! It irritates the f*** out of me when people say 'You owe it to your fans, they put you where you are.' I certainly don't owe anybody anything! When I bought all my Led Zeppelin records and concert tickets, I didn't say, 'One day these f***ers are gonna owe me a picture. It's the least they can do for me!' What the f***, people? I'm not here to take pictures with you, I'm here to entertain you! Nobody put me where I am but ME! What I do owe myself and others is being the best I can be!" Is he right? Or do they owe it to us? And does it matter if they are a little "past their prime" or if it were a "new-ish" celebrity ? If you were to see Drake or Channing Tatum or Nicki Minaj out somewhere, do they OWE you a picture? Could they get away with saying something like that? Either way, this was a brave thing to come out and say.

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06/29/2012 8:29AM
Friday, June 29
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