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You might not know their names now, but after the release of 50 SHADES OF GREY it's safe to say you won't forget them. Charlie Hunnam, from Sons of Anarchy, and Dakota Johnson, from the show Ben and kate, have been castto play the roles of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele!!! Who are they? TAKE A LOOK!!!

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09/03/2013 6:11AM
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09/03/2013 6:34AM
Pretty much how I envisioned them
09/03/2013 7:35AM
Dakota is Exactly what I imagined , Not sure about Charlie I was looking for more handsome and sexy
09/03/2013 7:35AM
yummy jax
He is delicous. She isnt so much lol but i guess she isnt supposed to be
09/03/2013 7:37AM
Not what I pictured, but I'm sure there is a reason they were chosen. I'm still really excited about the movie though!
09/03/2013 7:46AM
uh hell to da naw!!!
Come on!!! Fifty fans you know from the detailed descriptions this is not it...it better be a HUGE transformation to pull this off!!! Disappointed!!!!
09/03/2013 8:00AM
Not feeling it
Charlie isn't sexy or seductive enough for Christian Grey! Not feeling it.
09/03/2013 8:38AM
Not selling sex....not the image you visualize reading the book. Disappointed already!
09/03/2013 8:49AM
Christian Grey YES!!!!
If you haven't seen SOA then you will not understand how he is a good candidate to play Christian Grey.
09/03/2013 9:36AM
Nuh uh
Not how i wouldve pictured. But maybe their acting skills can pull off the sexiness.
09/03/2013 9:37AM
not really
He could def be the star role for christian but im not really feeling her though
09/03/2013 10:10AM
I'm not as excited as I would be but I'm still gonna watch it play it out. I wanted Lucy Hale or Shailene Woodley for Ana and Matt Bomer would have been PERFECT
09/03/2013 12:29PM
I'm not sure?
Dakota Johnson is not quite how I visualized Anastasia Steele I'm hoping she proves me wrong.
09/03/2013 10:37PM
Took a min..
Never seen these two before today so when i googled them and looked a few different pictures i can say IM SO fREAKIN ExcITED!!! I can def see it!
09/04/2013 7:18AM
Not satisfied
They could of done better...Luke Evans and lily Collins
09/04/2013 7:39AM
When I think Christian grey, I think maybe the vampire that plays Eric on true blood. This guy is just not doing it for me. Idk maybe he cleans up well..
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