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Friday, January 16

Oprah Winfrey's ex-lover reveals to the National Enquirer that Oprah smoked some crack cocaine with him in the past. Oprah herself has confessed in the past that she briefly used cocaine back in the 70s, though she blamed it on her "desperate obsession" with an ex who was a drug user. However, Randolph Cook says Winfrey was using drugs and smoking crack back in the 80s! In his "sex-and-drugs tell-all" book, The Wizard of O: My Life With Oprah,  Cook talks about his time with Winfrey during their secret affair, which started in 1984. Randolph, who's 51, claims that Winfrey taught him how to smoke crack cocaine, adding that the two "freebased" the drug often throughout their six-month long relationship. Cook also claims that Oprah "was still under the influence while doing her show." Randolph, who wants to make money off O, is dying. Cook has been diagnosed with esophageal cancer and only has two years to live. He blames Oprah for his problems and says he wants his story told. As for Cook, he says "Americans have placed Oprah on a pedestal that has been seemingly invincible until now."   The Jonas Brothers have been forced to up their tour security because someone has been stealing their underwear. According to the "National Enquirer", there have been several thefts of the guys' boxer shorts.  And after one of the thefts, they even found a note that read, "Your undies are safe with us."  It was signed, "The Undie Snatchers". If you choose to believe this story, then you'll probably also believe that everyone who goes backstage to the Jonas Brothers' dressing rooms even crew, press and friends now has to be escorted for security reasons.   Beyonce will sing for Barack and Michelle Obama's first dance as the President and First Lady on Inauguration Night. It'll happen during the "Neighborhood Inaugural Ball", which will be televised on ABC beginning at 8:00 P.M.  There's no word on what song she's singing.   A new Justin Timberlake track was leaked to the Internet yesterday.  It's apparently callevvd "Bigger Than the World" and according to some reports, it was produced by Timbaland. The last minute-and-a-half is instrumental and while it doesn't sound cut-off, some people think the track may be unfinished. Some people believe this might just be a demo that Justin is working on for another artist.  Two things supporting that theory:  There's the song's high falsetto as well as the lyric that sounds something like, "Now, I'm just a girl".

01/16/2009 11:31AM
Friday, January 16
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