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Friday, August 17

Lady Gaga's bodyguard slammed a guy into a glass wall when he tried to get an autograph from her in a Romanian hotel. It looks pretty brutal, but if you watch the video until the end, you can see that the guy is fine.  As soon as the bodyguard gets off him, he gets right up and leaves. The bodyguard's reaction seems way over the top.  But at the same time, here's a lesson learned:  Don't run straight at somebody who's got huge bodyguards around her.  If the dude called out to her from more of a distance, this probably wouldn't have happened.


Some people think there's tension on the "Today" show because Matt Lauer allegedly pushed Ann Curry out. On yesterday's show, Al Roker seemed to call out Matt for allegedly having Ann fired as his co-host. Matt was talking to three women from the USA's gold-medal winning rowing team. He mentioned their victory tradition of throwing a teammate in the water and added, "The tradition here in New York is you throw her in the Hudson River." Then Al chimed in with this, "Which is different than our tradition, which is to throw one of us under the bus, but that's another story." It did seem to create an awkward moment and NBC has cut Al's comment out of a video on their website. But you can see it HERE anyway!

Ah, celebrity love is in the air. And you know what that means: It's time to call the lawyers. According to the Big Fat Rumor of the Day it sounds like Jennifer Aniston accepted Justin Theroux's proposal on one condition:  That he sign a prenuptial agreement. Jen is worth $120 million while Justin is worth $10.5 million. A source says,"She's working feverishly with her lawyers to hash out the pre-nup so she and Justin can marry by the end of the year. Then they plan to start adoption proceedings so they can bring home a baby in 2013." Meanwhile, Fox News says Jen has been feeding false information to various friends, to find out which ones are leaking stuff to the press. A source says, "A lot of celebrities do it, it's all a game to find out who is doing the betraying." That is awesome, genius!!

Mayim Bialik was photographed in Los Angeles yesterday looking pretty good except for the bandages on her hand and arm. We'd heard that she almost lost a finger on her left hand, but it looks like it was actually on the right. Because her right hand is heavily bandaged, but her left isn't bandaged at all. Although she does have her left forearm wrapped. Meanwhile, it sounds like the accident wasn't quite as serious as originally thought. Mayim's publicist called it, "a minor car accident" and said she's doing fine." And Mayim was back on the set of "The Big Bang Theory" yesterday. Mayim Tweeted her thanks to the cast and crew for their "love and support", and added, "Doing ok. Grateful. And tired."

Jenny McCarthy and Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher aren't dating anymore. Jenny says, "Brian and I have decided to turn our romance into an amazing friendship. "I will continue to be the biggest cheerleader for him. Go, Bears!"

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08/17/2012 6:30AM
Friday, August 17
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08/17/2012 6:40AM
Lol that was to funny.... straight ran in and then just got like tackled haha.
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