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 We're looking at this list of the trendy baby names for 2014, and apparently people want their kids to be ancient Greek and Roman GODS. Check out the list here

What TV series did you begrudgingly finish even though you hated it?!

HIGHLIGHTS:  Have you ever found yourself begrudgingly finishing a TV series when you've lost interest in it . . . or even come to HATE it . . . just because you want to find out what happens?  Our top four nominees are:  "Lost""Heroes""Smallville" and"Dexter".



FULL STORY:  Have you ever found yourself begrudgingly finishing a TV series, even though you've stopped liking it . . . or even come to HATE it . . . just because you're invested, and want to find out what happens?



Take "Lost" for example.  A lot of people got more and more frustrated with it as time went on.  And yet, they stuck with it because they wanted ANSWERS.  Which, by the way, they never got.



The rest of our 13 nominees are:  "Heroes" . . . "Smallville" . . . "Dexter" . . . "Battlestar Galactica" . . . "Fringe" . . . "Angel" . . ."Alias" . . . "True Blood" . . . "24" . . . "The Walking Dead" . . . "How I Met Your Mother"  . . . and "Arrested Development".



It's happening more and more, because there are so many more shows with season-long or series-long storylines.  Traditional sitcoms don't work that way . . . you can stop watching at any point.  



If you couldn't stop watching "According to Jim" because you needed to know what happened . . . you're not just "hooked," you're CRAZY.


03/14/2014 6:45AM
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