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Mike Klien



Shout out to all my sarcastic friends who love to joke around


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Christmas Lights set to "Let It Go" from Frozen

Look, whether you're tired of hearing this song or not, you can't deny that this person did an INCREDIBLE job. Probably one of my favorites so far, and we all know there are MANY on the internet. This one is just really beautiful. CHECK IT OUT!

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Watch the awesome trailer for the new Disney movie Inside Out

This movie looks so cute!! What a cool concept and idea for a movie.

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Totally random blog

Hey loves! I hope you had an AMAZING Thanksgiving holiday! I hope you spent it with friends and family and ate lots and napped even more! Now we can officially focus on CHRISTMAS! YAYYYYYY! My favorite time of year! Quick funny story::

As you all may or may not know, I am a die hard Eagles fan (HUSH IT LOL!). Well this year, my boyfriend and I decided to try something different with the colors of our Christmas tree lights and decorations, so we went with blue, silver, and white. Which we didn't realize until it was too late, are also Dallas Cowboys colors......FML. Haha, you can see the picture of it below. Oh well, we're stickin' with it.

I also wanted to show you a picture of our new little kitty cat we adopted. Her name is Nova (like Chevy Nova, my bf and I share a love for cars, plus "Nova" means "new and young," which was perfect.) She is the funniest little thing and so sweet. Super affectionate and VERY talkative lol. And she plays FETCH, like, legitimate fetch. It's hilarious. But she is just perfect for us and you can see her adorable face in the pictures below. Anywho, enjoy your week! And happy shopping!

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Sweet Mother of God, the trailer is here.....



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Tips on how to survive Black Friday this year

First of all, I don't recommend going out on Black Friday, but you're grown, you can do what you want lol. But before you go out, check out these tips on how to survive the CHAOS this is Black Friday. ClickHERE! (#6 is so funny hahahaha!)
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Ariana Grande lets out her SEXY in newest video

Check out Ariana Grande's steamy new video for "Love Me Harder," featuring The Weekend!

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Nick Jonas is stupid hot....check out his latest photo shoot

When did Nick Jonas actually become THIS hot? He was always a cutie, but it's like this happened overnight or something. My word......I want to thank his parents for creating this masterpiece of a man. Anywho, check out his latest photo shoot by clicking HERE! (P.S.-The pictures in between each one of his are hilarious haha, ENJOY LADIES........and gentlemen....cuz hey, I'm not judging you.)
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Guy who did "Chocolate Rain" does "All About That Bass"

Remember the kid who sang "Chocolate Rain?" How could we forget? The song was horrible, but we loved it. Well his name is Tay Zonday and he just covered Meghan Trainor's "All About That Bass." And it's as terrible as you'd imagine, yet you won't be able to look away. And it sounds like his voice actually got DEEPER believe it or not. 

"Chocolate Rain" is also posted below in case you need a refresher.
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Girls wakes from anesthesia pissed she doesn't look like Nicki Minaj

I know there are a lot of videos out there of people's funny reactions after waking up from anesthesia, but this one just had me ROLLIN'. The only thing I don't really understand about all these videos though, is that, I've been under anesthesia before, when I had MY wisdom teeth removed.....and I was NEVER this loopy. I was only out of it for maybe a few minutes. These people are supposedly still feeling weird and crazy HOURS afterwards. Seriously? I'm just sayin'. Part of me thinks they are doing it just to do it and make a video out of it. Then again, what the hell do I know about anesthesia, maybe they ARE really messed up for that long. ANYWHO. Enjoy the video, this girl is so funny!

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