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Posts from November 2013

Tuesday November 26
You were probably less-than-impressed with the Kanye West video for "Bound 2" where he appeared to have sex with Kim Kardashian on a motorcycle, right? Well get ready for the remake. James Franco and Seth Rogan recreated the video, shot-for-shot. James plays Kanye, and Seth plays Kim. It's hard to believe Kanye would be okay with this, but Kim loves it. She Tweeted, "You nailed it!!! Sooo funny!" WARNING: some ADULT language and some VAUGE nudity!!

Sandra Bullock has been named "Entertainment Weekly's" Entertainer of the Year. There are 15 other, lesser, entertainers of the year. They include Jennifer Lawrence, Pharrell Williams, Tom Hanks, Matthew McConaughey and Grumpy Cat.

Lady Gaga sat down with Ellen DeGeneres yesterday to talk about her album, her love life and of course, her fame. But Ellen couldn't understand why Gaga has never bought a house?

"Dancing With the Stars" fans finally had the good sense to send Bill Engvall home last night. The season finale will air tonight. Amber Riley, Corbin Bleu, and Jack Osbourne will compete for Season 17's coveted mirror ball trophy.
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Monday November 25
The "American Music Awards" went down last night, and they were pretty much the anti-"VMAs". They were so tame even Miley Cyrus failed to shock when she closed the show with "Wrecking Ball". Her outfit was skimpy, but all she did was stand in one place in front of a giant video image of a kitten that was mouthing the words to the song...which of course made everyone mention the phrase "lip-syncing sissy" if you know what i mean. Meanwhile, some people are calling Katy Perry's performance racist, because she dressed like a geisha and Lady Gaga performed with R. Kelly and didn't have naughty time on stage. Taylor Swift the big winner.. She took home trophies for Artist of the Year, Favorite Country Album, Favorite Pop / Rock Artist and Favorite Female Country Artist. Justin Timberlake took home three awards:  Favorite Pop / Rock Male, Favorite Soul / R&B Male Artist and Favorite Soul / R&B Album.

Miley Cyrus turned 21 on Saturday but she got an early present on Friday: She was robbed. Somebody entered her home while nobody was there and stole some personal items. A source says, "She's really shaken up about the whole thing." On the plus side, Miley's eyebrows are back and her dad Billy Ray got her a sweet, customized Can Am Spyder for her birthday. It's one of those motorcycles with two wheels in the front. 

Lamar Odom fell off the wagon last week and made a weird rap video where he talked about cheating on Khloe Kardashian. He admits he was drunk but swears he wasn't on drugs. And he says he's back under control. The video of a shirtless Lamar Odom freestyle rapping is now here for everyone to see.

Beyonce was scheduled to tour the pyramids in Egypt with some famous archeologist, but she showed up late. So the archeologist got mad, and he banned her for being "rude" and he also called her "stupid". Meanwhile, over the weekend, her song she wrote for Blue Ivy leaked. This is called "God Made You Beautiful"

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Friday November 22
In the Hot Couple Alert, Harry Styles from One Direction went out on a date with the newly-legal Kendall Jenner on Wednesday night. They had dinner at a place called Craig's in West Hollywood, then left together. But if you're not dating like your reps claim, then why are you sneaking out the back door of the restaurant, huh?! Is it still cool to Brangelina and Robsten couples? Cause they could be Canary!! KEN-ARRY!! haaa!! See some pictures HERE!

Chris Brown reportedly wants to take medical marijuana to deal with his anger issues, because antidepressants make him feel, "very numb and he felt that everything around him was fuzzy. He felt dull and thirsty all the time." Uuuuhhh....i've never smoked weed so i don't know, but don't ya feel fuzzy when you're high and aren't you pretty thirsty? or is it just the munchies? whatever?

Kellie Pickler, remember her? She's a country music star now, but she got famous on "American Idol" several years ago. Well, she was asked if she'd ever pose for "Playboy". She wouldn't, but not because she's modest. She said, "My dad and grandpa would find whoever took the picture and probably kill them. Just so that my dad doesn't go back to jail. I'm not gonna do it."

Pharrell Williams has just released what's being called the world's first 24-hour music video. The clip is for "Happy", which is on the "Despicable Me 2" soundtrack and it's literally...24 hours long! Watch the groundbreaking video HERE!!

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Thursday November 21
Chris Brown didn't leave rehab willingly earlier this month. He was kicked out, for going into a violent rage and throwing a rock through the window of his mother's car because she wanted him to get more anger management treatment. Because of that, he's been ordered to immediately return to a residential treatment facility for three months.

In the Big Fat Rumor of the Day, Marshall Mathers and Kim Mathers might get back together soon. Kim's mom said that Em and her daughter see each other "all the time" and "get along better than ever." He's even reportedly building Kim a new mansion just five miles from his own house in Michigan. Just in case you aren't familiar with Eminem and Kim's crazy past, just listen to his songs. They met when they were just teenagers and married in 1999 and got divorced in 2001, only to remarry in 2006 and divorce again that same year. Their rocky relationship was rocked by drug use and infidelities on both sides.

Jennifer Lawerence did some over-sharing on last night's "Letterman" about a medical problem she had recently. She said, "I just had this really bad pain for, like, three weeks. And you know you can only s*** your pants so many times a day before you go to the emergency room, before you're like 'I need to go to the hospital.'" You can watch her interview HERE!

Sources say that Kim Kardashian cheated to get her body back in shape after giving birth to her daughter North. They claim she dropped $80,000 on various procedures. As you may recall, Kanye West's mother Donda West died in 2007, after getting liposuction and breast-reduction surgery. So you can imagine how he feels about all this. A source says he has banned Kim from getting anything else done. But Kim is denying any work. She says, "This is false. I worked so hard to train myself and eat healthy. No one will take this away from me with fake reports."
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Wednesday November 20
Kelly Clarkson and her husband Brandon Blackstock are expecting their first child together. Kelly announced it on Twitter, saying, "I'm pregnant!!! Brandon and I are so excited! Best early Christmas present ever." She and Brandon got married on October 20th.

Miranda Kerr just dumped Orlando Bloom a few weeks ago and has already found a new man in today's Hot Couple Alert! She was out to dinner with about 15 people in Las Vegas but none of them were as close to her all night as Leonardo DiCaprio. They spent the evening whispering to each other and weren't seen individually the whole night.

Kelly Rowland showed off what appeared to be an engagement ring during a video message on Instagram. He posted a birthday message for a friend. She has been dating her manager Tim Witherspoon on and off for four years. They have kept their relationship very private.

RollingStone.com gave R. Kelly some random phrases to see if he could improvise love songs out of them. Here's what he did with 'Sex Dolphin'. He also makes up a song based on 'Italian Hero Sandwich of Love'

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Tuesday November 19

Justin Bieber's party over the weekend included booze, pot and naked women. Justin hired 20 "big booty strippers". Other women were taking their clothes off, too.  Celebrity guests included Snoop Dogg, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Chris Brown, T.I. and Trey Songz. All the guests signed a $3 million confidentiality agreement though, so somebody might be in trouble!

Kanye West thinks he's a genius even though he can't necessarily spell the word. He says, "People get mad at me saying that I am a creative genius, but it's just obvious. It's, like, factual. I would write creative genius when I go through the airport. I would put that on customs forms, where you put what your title is, except for two reasons: it takes too long to write and sometimes I spell the word genius wrong." By the way, Kanye will be on "Ellen" today and he'll reportedly debut his new video "Bound 2", which stars his fiance, Kim Kardashian.

Waka Flocka Flame was caught making a cruel comment about Oprah Winfrey on camera. Waka said, "I don't wanna f*** that ugly b****!" And a member of his entourage responded, "Yeah, I'll [eff] that b****. I'll get her pregnant!"  Sorry for all the ads and for the BAD LANGUAGE, but here is the cell phone video!

Last night on "Dancing With the Stars" it was appropriate to see Bill Engvall and Leah Remini in the bottom two as they both had the lowest scores. But it comes down to the fans and Leah got the boot, putting Bill Motherlovin Engvall in the finals.

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Monday November 18
Police showed up at Justin Bieber's house three times Saturday morning after a neighbor complained that he and his friends were partying too loudly. Nobody was arrested, even though cops said they smelled marijuana. But the neighbor filed a report against Justin for disturbing the peace.

Terrence Howard played Tony Stark's buddy Jim "Rhodey" Rhodes in the first "Iron Man" but lost the part to Don Cheadle after that. If you're still looking for someone to blame, Terrence says you should look no further than Robert Downey Jr. He didn't actually say Downey's name, but he made it pretty clear that's who he was talking about. He says, "This is going to get me in a lot of trouble. It turns out that the person that I helped become Iron Man, when it was time to re-up for the second movie, took the money that was supposed to go to me and pushed me out. They came to me with the second and said, 'Look, we will pay you one-eighth of what we contractually had for you, because we think the second one will be successful with or without you.' I called my friend, that I helped get the first job, and he didn't call me back for three months."

Miley Cyrus may be the name most associated with twerking, but Rihanna's got stripper moves that put hers to shame. And she showed them off during the final show of her tour in New Orleans on Friday. But not onstage. Rihanna was backstage listening to T-Pain sing "Up Down (Do This All Day)", and her butt just started doing things. Magical things. Luckily, her friend Melissa had a camera, and some videos ended up on Instagram. Watch it HERE!

There's an "alternate ending" of "Breaking Bad" online, where all the events from "Breaking Bad" were a bad dream that Bryan Cranston had on his previous show, "Malcolm in the Middle". He tells his "Malcolm in the Middle" wife Lois, played again by Jane Kaczmarek, "The only thing that made sense in the whole dream is that I still walked around in my underwear."

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Friday November 15
Drake and Rihanna have continued their love affair on the road. They went to a strip joint in Houston Wednesday night. They made it rain to the tune of about $17,000. Drake dropped 12-grand and Rihanna threw out the other five. Rihanna got multiple lap dances and was feeling up all the dancers. They left at 5:00am and according to one source, took a "thick Spanish-looking girl" with them. 

Chris Brown just went to rehab two weeks ago, but he's already out. However, he's going to continue his treatment in a rehab program as an outpatient and is also completing his community service in the Los Angeles area. It's still unclear what exactly he was in rehab for although apparently it had something to do with anger management. Sources had said that Chris was initially planning on being in rehab for three months. 

Ryan Reynolds in 2010, Bradley Cooper in 2011 and Channing Tatum in 2012. Those were the Sexiest Men Alive according to People magazine and in the Big Fat Rumor of the Day, we've heard that they will name Adam Levine as this year's Sexiest Man Alive. The Maroon 5 singer and coach from "The Voice" is expected to be unveiled as the magazine’s choice on Wednesday, November 20th.

"Time" magazine has dropped its annual list of the 16 Most Influential Teens. It's no surprise that 16-year-old anti-Taliban warrior Malala Yousafzai is in there, but to put her on a list with Kendall and Kylie Jenner as well as Justin Bieber and Lorde? At least Malia Obama made the list (Sasha is only 12). You can see the whole list HERE.
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Thursday November 14
In the Big Fat Rumor of the Day, this is a good one. "In Touch" magazine says Robin Thicke and Britney Spears had an affair in 2003, after collaborating on a project that never materialized. Britney would have been around 21 at the time, and Robin would have been about 26 and already dating Paula Patton and would end up marrying her shortly after. Robin's rep denies it.

"Fifty Shades of Grey" stars Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson got into character for an "Entertainment Weekly" photo shoot. See those pictures HERE! Dornan told the magazine that he's not shocked by the sex in the book while Dakota says she's working out because, "Obviously, I want to look good naked." Well, here comes the bad news: Fifty Shades was supposed to come out next August, but they moved it to Valentine’s Day 2015.

Even the most diehard "American Idol" fans didn't like the show last season, so it wouldn't be shocking to hear that the people actually ON the show weren't enjoying it either. And Mariah Carey definitely didn't. In an interview yesterday, she said, "Honestly, I hated it. I thought it was going to be a three-person panel. They gave me a nice dangling monetary moment, and I was just like, 'Okay, Randy Jackson will be there, I've known him forever,  this isn't a big deal' But it wasn't that. It was like going to work every day, in Hell, with Satan." I think we all know that the "Satan" to which she is referring pretty much means Nicki Minaj, right?

When NBC hired Jonathan Rhys Meyers to star in their new "Dracula" series, they did so knowing he had substance abuse problems. Sources say they withheld his salary until he finished filming the 10-episode first season, just to make sure they didn't have any problems with him.
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Wednesday November 13
Are Drake and Rihanna hooking up again? Sources say Drake surprised Rihanna by showing up at her concert in Dallas Monday night. After the show they went to dinner then spent the rest of the night in Rihanna's hotel room. See some pictures HERE!

Could our favorite TV couple from "Vampire Diaries" be rekindling their real-life romance?! Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder have been hooking up recently. Insiders say that it's still too soon to tell if they'll make a full reconciliation, but the two are definitely getting hot and heavy once again. Despite breaking up in early May and her summer romance with Derek Hough, the two have remained close friends and complete professionals during filming for the show. Perhaps she's finally ready to settle down, which is what allegedly broke them up before.

Mark and Donnie Wahlberg have signed on to do an A&E reality show called "Wahlburgers" which will go behind-the-scenes at their family's burger joint in Boston. The show will premiere on January 22nd. And if you really looooove New Kids on the Block like me, you gotta check out my Twitter for a huge announcement!

Lorde did a cover of Tears for Fears' "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" for the Catching Fire soundtrack and I don't know if you'll find it as amazing as we all think she is. But Tears for Fears' Curt Smith is into it. As he told MTV, "I think it's absolutely amazing, but then I love her, I think she's brilliant. We love it when other people cover our stuff. Sometimes we steal them and use their version live."

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