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Posts from September 2013

Monday September 30
Kanye West had another run-in with photographers, this time outside his house at 4 AM, and he reportedly wants to press charges. He and Kim Kardashian were heading to San Francisco to avoid the paparazzi at LAX on their way to Paris. Kanye wants to file a police report accusing at least one photographer of criminal trespass. West is facing misdemeanor charges for criminal battery and attempted grand theft, after he let loose on a pap at LAX in July. He faces up to a year in jail if  convicted.

After months of humiliation stemming from Lamar Odom's alleged drug abuse and refusual to get treatment, Khloe Kardashian many be filing for divorce as early as today. Per their prenuptial agreement, Khloe will receive a substantial financial reward for waiting until their fourth anniversary, which was Friday. She is set to receive $500,000 per year for each year of the marriage, and by hitting the four year mark, she'll receive a $2 million bonus. Additionally, she'll get to keep their $4 million mansion. She dropped the 'Odom' from her Twitter and Instagram name last week.

In today's Hot Couple Alert, it's not official so to speak, but Kate Upton and Maksim Chmerkovskiy seem pretty official to me since they are walking thru the streets of New York holding hands! (See pictures HERE!) Neither one has confirmed that they are dating. Maks is taking this season off from "Dancing With the Stars."

is playing with the idea of creating a "Modern Family" spin-off.  One idea they're considering is a show about superstar real estate agent Gil Thorpe, who's played by Rob Riggle.

Congratulations to "Glee" star Heather Morris! She gave birth to a baby boy Saturday. This is the first child for Heather and her longtime boyfriend Taylor Hubbell. They named him Elijah.
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Friday September 27

Kanye West is apparently irate at Jimmy Kimmel over this bit where Jimmy had little kids recreate Kanye's BBC interview. Last night, Jimmy said he got an angry phone call from Kanye where Kanye threatened him for a public apology.  Kanye went after him on Twitter of course and started with, "JIMMY KIMMEL IS OUT OF LINE TO TRY AND SPOOF IN ANY WAY THE FIRST PIECE OF HONEST MEDIA IN YEARS" but then he said stuff like, "SHOULD I DO A SPOOF ABOUT YOUR FACE OR YOU F***ING BEN AFFLECK…#NODISRESPECTTOBENAFFLECK #ALLDISRESPECTTOJIMMYKIMMEL"  

Kaley Cuoco from "The Big Bang Theory" is engaged to pro tennis player Ryan Sweeting even though they've only been dating for about three months. A source says, "She knows Ryan is the one. When you know, you know." Ryan supposedly popped the question on Wednesday. And while Kaley hasn't officially confirmed it, she did Tweet this, "Flying high, I could literally touch the sky with you."

Ke$ha has written a song about her ex-boyfriend and apparently, she's making Taylor Swift look tame. It's called "U Suck Ass", and she says it's all about how her ex was a total piece of crap and has a small manhood. There's no word when it might be released.

Lucky for you, Paris Hilton has released a little teaser of her new single called "Good Time" however I can assure you, this is NOOOO good time. It does feature Lil Wayne. She posted a clip on Instagram!

And if that wasn't bad enough, Kate Moss has released a single. It's called "Day and Night" It's terrible. She speaks thru most of it - that's about the only "singing" she does!

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Thursday September 26
Robert Pattinson may have a new girlfriend...or two! There are some sources that say he's getting sweaty with his personal trainer Sydney Liebes. She actually looks like Pippa Middleton. But another source claims he's been spending time with Dylan Penn, the 22-year-old daughter of Sean Penn and Robin Wright. During a night out earlier this month, they were reportedly, "touchy-feely and very flirtatious." We'd heard earlier this week that Rob brought a "mystery brunette" to a party on Saturday night. Sydney is a brunette while Dylan is a blonde. So there you go.

Nina Dobrev from "The Vampire Diaries" broke off a three year relationship with Ian Somerhalder back in May. Now, she's found love with her BFF's brother! After hanging out with Julianne Hough, Nina fell for her brother, Derek Hough from "Dancing With the Stars".

Dr. Phil took some time to sit down with DMX and they talked about all kinds of things. His crimes that he'd been cleared of and some of his less-than-flattering mug shots. They even got into some of his lyrics. But then Dr. Phil wanted to know why DMX has so many kids? DMX said, "I'm not having these kids." Haaaa!!

Get ready America! Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears are teaming up for Miley's Bangerz album due out October 4th. It's a track called "SMS" and since both former child stars got their start on Disney, they "understand" each other, so this should be great?? Miley also features tracks with Nelly, Future, Big Sean and Hannah Montana -- ooops sorry, that says French Montana. Check out the full track list below:
1. Adore You
2. We Can't Stop
3. SMS (Bangerz) feat. Britney Spears
4. 4x4 feat. Nelly
5. My Darlin feat. Future
6. Wrecking Ball
7. Love, Money, Party feat. Big Sean
8. Get It Right
9. Drive
10. FU feat. French Montana
11. Do My Thang
12. Maybe You're Right
13. Someone Else

Miley Cyrus and foam fingers go back to way before the "VMAs". Early yesterday morning, Miley posted a Vine video on Twitter directed at Jason Earles, who played her brother on "Hannah Montana". The video starts with a clip from "Hannah", in which Jason has a foam finger on his hand, and he says, "What am I supposed to do with my new foam finger?" Miley replies, "Oh, I know." Then it cuts to a clip from the "VMAs" in which Miley is rubbing a foam finger against her crotch. It's actually pretty funny. Check it out HERE. Jason Tweeted back, "The funniest thing I have ever seen! Lol. FYI u r a genius miles."
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Wednesday September 25
Miley Cyrus is naked again! She's on the cover of "Rolling Stone" with nothing on (SEE IT HERE!) and yes, her tongue is out. In the interview, Miley claims she wasn't trying to be sexy at the "VMAs" saying "If I was trying to be sexy, I could have been sexy. I can dance a lot better than I was dancing." She also says there's a double-standard because Robin Thicke didn't get criticized as much as she did for it. Miley actually got a text from Pharrell during the interview, and he told her, "You're not a train wreck. You're the train pulling everyone else along." To celebrate her first "Rolling Stone" cover story, Miley took the reporter to a tattoo parlor, where she got the word "Rolling" tattooed on the bottom of her right foot, and "$tone" tattooed on the bottom of her left.

Ariana Grande and The Wanted singer Nathan Sykes are officially dating. They have been flirting for weeks and even filmed an adorable music video together for their song "Almost Is Never Enough". They confirmed it on Twitter and Nathan added the hashtags #butweareterrified and #pleasedontkillme. Shortly after, Ariana added that they hesitated making the relationship public since people can be "a bit insensitive," but thanked fans for looking out for their happiness.

Bill Nye the Science Guy hurt his knee pretty bad when he tripped at the end of his paso doble on "Dancing with the Stars" Monday night. Yesterday, he said it was a, "Partially torn ligament."  It's unclear whether or not he'll remain in the competition.

Lifetime announced today that Army Wives, its longest running series, will not return for an eighth season. To pay tribute to the drama that just wrapped its seventh season on June 9, Lifetime is planning a two-hour retrospective special with cast members that will air early next year.

Drake's new video!!

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Tuesday September 24
The Chris Brown and Kendrick Lamar concert has been cancelled. The official reason behind it is that there were scheduling conflicts with Chris and Kendrick and the BET Hip Hop Awards in Atlanta. That show isn't until October 15, but their rehersal schedule must be the problem.

At this point, everyone knows what you're going to get with a Kanye West interview: There's the narcissism, the defensiveness, the crazy, the scary, the intensity, the unbridled passion, and a fair share of WTF. Kanye said he's here to push the boundaries of everything we think we know about art, music, fashion, and culture. But Kanye loves himself as always and says rap is the new rock and roll. Go to the very end of the video to see him say he's the biggest rock star ever! WARNING: grownup language is ahead!! NSFW!

Justin Timberlake's new album, "The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2", doesn't come out until Monday, but the whole thing is now streaming on iTunes - you can hear HERE! By the way he did this killer cover of Michael Jackson's "Shake Your Body."

"Pure Heroine" is the debut album by Lorde. It comes out next week, but the whole thing is streaming now below. You would know her from her hit song "Royals"

Last night was the first elimination episode of "Dancing With the Stars" and Bill Engvall and Emma Slater were in the bottom two with Keyshawn Johnson and partner Sharna Burgess. Football players usually dominate on "Dancing With the Stars", but Keyshawn was the first person eliminated this season.
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Monday September 23

Last night were the Emmy Awards and besides a little song and dance from host, Neil Patrick Harris in the middle of the show and a sorta kinda nip-slip from Tina Fey, I'd say  you didn't miss a whole lot. Several people we lost this year
Best Drama Series:  "Breaking Bad"  (AMC)
Best Comedy Series:  "Modern Family"  (ABC)
Best Actor (Drama Series):  Jeff Daniels"The Newsroom"  (HBO)
Best Actress (Drama Series):  Claire Danes"Homeland"  (Showtime)
Best Supporting Actor(Drama Series):  Bobby Cannavale "Boardwalk Empire"  (HBO)
Best Supporting Actress(Drama Series):  Anna Gunn, "Breaking Bad"  (AMC)
Best Actor(Comedy Series):  Jim Parsons,  "The Big Bang Theory"  (CBS)
Best Actress(Comedy Series):  Julia Louis-Dreyfus,  "Veep"  (HBO)
Best Supporting Actor (Comedy Series):  Tony Hale,  "Veep" (HBO)
Best Supporting Actress  (Comedy Series):  Merritt Wever,  "Nurse Jackie" (Showtime)
Best Miniseries or Movie:  HBO's "Behind the Candelabra"
Best Lead Actor in a Miniseries or Movie: Michael Douglas in "Behind the Candelabra" as Liberace.
Best Reality-Competition Program:  "The Voice"  (NBC)
Best Variety Series:  "The Colbert Report"  (Comedy Central)

Ellen DeGeneres played a game with Drake on her show where she asked him about various women he's been linked with. She asked him about Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Tyra Banks, Kim Kardashian and Kat Dennings

Drake's tour with Miguel was supposed to kick off this week, but he's postponed it three weeks due to, "an intense rehearsal schedule and technical production requirements that will be part of the show." Updated tour dates include October 31st in DC and November 2nd in Charlotte.

During a performance at a music festival this weekend in Vegas, Miley Cyrus wore almost nothing, slapped a little person's butt, twerked, sang into a banana microphone and cried while singing "Wrecking Ball". I'm pretty sure he's  You know, the usual.

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Friday September 20
Ryan Lochte's embarrassing E! reality show, "What Would Ryan Lochte Do?" has been canceled after just one season of eight episodes. The show ended in May with just over 300,000 people watching. Ryan Tweeted, "Don't think about it too much" and that's either his way of saying it isn't a big deal or it's just a general mantra that he utilizes in his daily life.

The Tupac movie is expected to finally start filming in Atlanta next year. There's no word on any casting, but Tupac's mom is onboard as an executive producer. They haven't decided on whether to get an established young actor to play the rapper, or to make a discovery.

The NFL is suing M.I.A. for $1.5 million for flipping the bird (VIDEO) during Madonna's Super Bowl halftime show back in 2012. They actually filed suit a month after the performance, but the world is just hearing about it now. The NFL claims she damaged their reputation for "wholesomeness" but M.I.A.'s lawyer says that claim is, "hilarious."

Justin Timberlake released a new song on Twitter last night. It's from Part 2 of the "20/20 Experience" and it's called "TKO"

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Thursday September 19

Demi Lovato will join the cast of "Glee" this season as Naya Rivera's new lesbian lover. Yesterday, Naya said she broke the ice with Demi before filming even began. She told "Access Hollywood", "I made out with her in my trailer before we shot the scene, so I just warmed her up." Nice!

Kerry Washington has been named "People" magazine's Best-Dressed Woman of 2013. The rest of this year's 10 Best-Dressed is: Jennifer Lawrence, Nicole Richie, Zoe Saldana, Emma Stone, Lily Collins, Kate Bosworth, Jessica Chastain, Solange Knowles and Jenna Dewan-Tatum.

Ellen DeGeneres asked Gwyneth Paltrow what it's like for her kids to hang out with Jay Z and Beyonce. Too cute!

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Paula Patton's segment on Today started innocently enough with a chat about her upcoming movie "Baggage Claim." But things quickly veered off course when she backed it up on Al Roker yesterday! Paula admitted Miley twerks "way better than I do," she confidently added, "I do it well enough." That's when Al suggested they twerk together, so Paula took him up on the challenge. Then Paula asked, "Your wife's not going to get mad at me, is she?" Some viewers loved it, others thought it was a bit awkward.


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Wednesday September 18
Zac Efron reportedly completed a stint in rehab about five months ago to address a serious cocaine addiction. Things had apparently been building for some time, and finally spiraled out-of-control while he was filming Seth Rogen's frat boy comedy "Neighbors" where Zac no-showed a few days and his coke problem was common knowledge around the set. Zac is now doing great and taking care of himself. He will next star in "Parkland" a drama about the Kennedy assassination.

Brad Pitt took a picture with a bride and groom who were getting married at a hotel where Brad was having a business meeting. Some witnesses claim Shia LaBeouf was at the meeting, too and nobody paid attention to him. HERE is the picture!

As expected, Britney Spears announced an upcoming residency in Las Vegas on "Good Morning America" yesterday. The show is called "Britney:  Piece of Me", and it launches on December 27th. But the best part of the fanfare was when Britney admitted to "getting sick" on her helicopter ride in. It's unclear if she actually vomited, but it sounds like she did.

Katy Perry's album "Prism" comes out October 22nd but a second single leaked yesterday. This one features Juicy J and is called "Dark Horse"

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Tuesday September 17
It's official:  Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are finished. Reps for both of them confirmed it yesterday. We don't know why they split, but is that question really necessary? There are rumors that Liam was cheating with January Jones and then some, and that he was fed up with Miley's new image and attitude. But once they stopped following each other on Twitter, we knew it was over.

During Beyoncé's performance of "Irreplaceable" in Brazil on Sunday night, a shirtless male fan rushed up to the stage, threw his arms around her, and pulled her down toward the crowd. Her security ran in, grabbed her, and returned her to the stage. Beyoncé was cool about it though. She stopped security from kicking him out, shook hands with the guy and said, "What's your name? Nice to meet you. I love you, too." In the second clip, it just shows a different angle, a little closer-up showing the look on Bey's face. You probably can't see it on your phone though. Sorry!

The Britney Spears website countdown is over. She has finally announced that she will be taking up residency at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas starting December 27th for the next two years. She will make $30 million and perform 48 shows. Tickets for Britney's Piece of Me show will go on sale today. Get all the details and buy tickets HERE.

Drake's new album "Nothing Was the Same" doesn't come out until next Tuesday, but most of the tracks leaked online over the weekend. We'll preview one each day as long as you all want to hear them! Here's "Pound Cake" featuring Jay Z.

AMC is developing another "Walking Dead" show. It's set in the same zombie-apocalypse universe, but it'll involve a new story and new characters. There's no title yet, and the show isn't expected to debut until 2015.

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