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Bump Day!!

18 weeks Day 2! In exactly a week from now we will know what Fluff is! I'm still thinking girl...but soon enough we will know for sure! My trip to NYC was AWESOME! Unfortunately I am still recovering from all the walking & being on the go 24/7. My body isn't bouncing back the way it used to! We had some craziness getting there Thursday night (as a matter of fact we didn't even make it) thanks to weather, then a mechanical issue on the plane, then not being able to find the crew (uh, seriously??), to not being able to find some book that needs to be on the plane at all times!?! It. Was. A. MESS. Anyway, we finally flew in Friday morning at 6:30am and made the most of our day! On Friday we spent most of our day in the East Village which is considered the Ukrainian district! I got to see the church & school my dad attended when he first immigrated to the States. So amazing...(he came here when he was 8!) We did some shopping, went to Butter Lane (a FABULOUS cupcakery!) and then headed back to our neck of the woods to do some walking around! I stumbled upon this close to our hotel: If you can't read it-it says: Fluffy's Cafe & Bakery! SO CUTE! I had to take a picture. The rest of the night consisted of a nice dinner, and off to see Mary Poppins which was phenomenal! Saturday we headed to the Sex & The City tour! SO MUCH FUN! Highly encourage Sex & The City fans to go on it if you ever head to NYC! Here's my mom & mom-in-law enjoying their complimentary Cosmos!! No Cosmos for meee: I have to hurry because I have to go on the air in a minute but last but not least I ran into Charles Barkley on Saturday night! Super nice & he called me a "pretty little thing!" I'll take it! The picture is super dark and impossible to see...stupid iPhone- but it's him! Anyway, have a great DAY! Tomorrow is St. Patty's Day! Be safe while celebrating! :)

03/16/2011 9:59AM
Bump Day!!
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