Don't Make THIS mistake at your job interview!!

According to a new survey, people do some absolutely RIDICULOUS stuff in job interviews. Here are the ten strangest ways people have ruined their chances.

1.  A woman explained that she probably didn't give a good interview, because she'd taken too much valium earlier in the day.


2.  The applicant interrupted the interview to answer a phone call about another interview with a different company.


3.  A guy showed up in a sweat suit so he could go jogging afterward.


4.  An applicant asked for a hug during the interview.


5.  An applicant brought personal photo albums to show off during the interview.


6.  A job candidate referred to himself as his own personal hero.


7.  A guy asked for the name and phone number for the female receptionist.


8.  A woman showed up to her interview by crashing her car into the building.


9.  While discussing dental benefits, the applicant took his fake teeth out.


10.  A guy casually mentioned that he might not be his daughter's REAL father.

And here are the ten MOST COMMON ways people ruin their chances in job interviews.

1.  Coming across as disinterested.


2.  Dressing inappropriately.


3.  Coming across as arrogant.


4.  Bashing your current or previous employer.


5.  Answering a cell phone or texting during the interview.


6.  Appearing uninformed about the company.


7.  Not providing specific examples of how you'll be a good fit.


8.  Asking dumb questions.


9.  Providing too much personal information.


10.  Asking the INTERVIEWER personal questions.

The survey also asked for the most common BODY LANGUAGE mistakes people make in interviews.  The top five are:  Not making eye contact, not smiling enough, bad posture, fidgeting, and playing with something on the interviewer's desk.


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01/17/2014 9:18AM
Don't Make THIS mistake at your job interview!!
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