Crossfit FAILS. If you are still sticking to your Resolutions of working out & you need a little laugh/motivation...check out these workout FAILS!

We are total suckers...

for animals in our household! Especially animals in need! Our golden, Moose was dropped off at the pound by people who didn't want him anymore because they were moving. Heartbreaking! I could never imagine leaving a dog behind just because of a move! Our cat, Snoopy (he came with the name) was found behind a dumpster by a cat rescue group. One day we wandered into the rescue (big mistake because you never leave empty handed) and decided his forever home should be with US! He's the sweetest, most loving cat there is. Last but not least...we have Nala. Nala was not a rescue (I bought her from a breeder) but I DO have a soft spot for Pekes aka pekingese pups. She's part peke and part toy poodle- otherwise known as a peke-a-poo! One of my BFF's (Biggie Molls) Mom runs a Peke rescue! Linda is an amazing woman who works to rehabilitate these poor animals that have been abandoned, abused & are in poor health. She helps them find their forever homes and fosters them until they do. I really can't give enough kudos & props to her. She's simply amazing. Anyway, the other day they took in 15 Pekes!!! Yes, fifteen. They came from a back yard breeder and they were all neglected horribly. They lived in crates their entire lives. Just look at them... To see more photos~ you can head to Linda's Blog: The organization needs serious help funding vet bills etc. to get these pups the proper healthcare that they really need & deserve. Biggie Molls (my Bff) told me that even a $1 goes a LONG way. If you want to help or want more info- head here: to see the links. If you have any questions, just email us at If you do decide to help out- Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I am a HUGE animal my heart goes out to these poor pups!

08/12/2010 12:40PM
We are total suckers...
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06/25/2011 12:41PM
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