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Nick Jonas is stupid hot....check out his latest photo shoot

When did Nick Jonas actually become THIS hot? He was always a cutie, but it's like this happened overnight or something. My word......I want to thank his parents for creating this masterpiece of a man. Anywho, check out his latest photo shoot by clicking HERE! (P.S.-The pictures in between each one of his are hilarious haha, ENJOY LADIES........and gentlemen....cuz hey, I'm not judging you.)
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Guy who did "Chocolate Rain" does "All About That Bass"

Remember the kid who sang "Chocolate Rain?" How could we forget? The song was horrible, but we loved it. Well his name is Tay Zonday and he just covered Meghan Trainor's "All About That Bass." And it's as terrible as you'd imagine, yet you won't be able to look away. And it sounds like his voice actually got DEEPER believe it or not.

"Chocolate Rain" is also posted below in case you need a refresher.
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Girls wakes from anesthesia pissed she doesn't look like Nicki Minaj

I know there are a lot of videos out there of people's funny reactions after waking up from anesthesia, but this one just had me ROLLIN'. The only thing I don't really understand about all these videos though, is that, I've been under anesthesia before, when I had MY wisdom teeth removed.....and I was NEVER this loopy. I was only out of it for maybe a few minutes. These people are supposedly still feeling weird and crazy HOURS afterwards. Seriously? I'm just sayin'. Part of me thinks they are doing it just to do it and make a video out of it. Then again, what the hell do I know about anesthesia, maybe they ARE really messed up for that long. ANYWHO. Enjoy the video, this girl is so funny!

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51 cheap and EASY last minute Halloween costumes

If you're like me and wait until the last mintute for everything, check out these cheap and easy last minute Halloween costume ideas! Click HERE!
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8 signs your cat is actually a dog hahahaha

I swear, I LOVE CATS. Especially cats who act like dogs. Check out this funny video!

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The Z104 crew SHAKES IT OFF

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If guy roommates acted like girl roommates

This video is everything. LOVE IT!

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Another blog about BOOBS because BOOOOOOOBS!!

FALL is a wonderful season. But not for everybody. Not for us big boobed girls.


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A couple BOOB FACTS for ya

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I figured you might want to hear some pretty sweet facts about your breasticles. # 14 is going to ruin my life, I sleep on my stomach ALL THE TIME. I'm screwed.

Click HERE to get your boob on.
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My weekend involved drag queens.....wanna see?

HEYYYYYY. I don't know how your weekend went, but mine was filled with drag queens. Lots and lots of drag queens. And one, specifically, who ate dollars out of my hooker boots. Haha, I made her work for it, or him, he/she, whatever. It was a friends birthday so we went to PF Changs at Town Center for dinner. I had never been before, it was pretty good. Then we decided to go out, but nobody could decide where. Well, I knew just the place. THE GAY BARRRRRRR. There's nothing more fun than going to a gay bar and watching the drag shows. These bi**ches WORK for that dollar. Plus the drinks are always stronger in gay bars, I don't know why, but that's besides the point lol. I posted a few pics from our crazy night below. Take a look. And peep out that red lipstick I'm rockin say WHAAAAT. 

^^^^^^^^ DON'T ASK LOL.
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