Did Justin Bieber slap a fan!?!?

This video has gone viral. Watch it and tell me what you think. I had to watch it a few times because I thought maybe he was just giving the girl an epic high five.....but I think he WAS slapping her away. I think she was trying to steal his glove and he wasn't having any of that. What's funny is I heard this girl is bragging about it all over Twitter. "Justin Bieber slapped me!! Teeheeeeheee!!" And you KNOW other girls are legitimately it. K bye.

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01/11/2013 10:57PM
Did Justin Bieber slap a fan!?!?
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02/24/2013 12:18AM
Omg!! Really?
02/24/2013 11:50AM
To all haters... COME ON PEOPLE!!! HE'S HUMAN!!! i mean, respect him too... follow the golden rule... Do not do to others what you don't want others do to you.. By the way, he didn't slapped her, i think he slapped his hands away fromher or maybe just "MAYBE" "ACCIDENTALLY" slapped her... i dunno.. y dnt we asked people around that woman in that concert.. XD
04/22/2013 3:25PM
dis justin really slap
really justin bieber you now have alot of haters
07/18/2013 12:29AM
i love Justin bieber
Well she deserved it tf trying to take his glove away wow low
07/30/2013 8:47PM
I love justins eyes
I think this is just people trying to make a fool out of him justin loves his fans now leave him alone and mind your own buissness
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